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Calvinball 2019: The Days Are Just Packed

Final Votes

Hiikaru (3): qva (#129), RedneckPhoenix (#184), Panini (#254)
RedneckPhoenix (2): Eifie (#188), Hiikaru (#200)
Not voting: Stryke

With a growing sense of urgency, the townspeople argue at some length about who they should eliminate for the day. The mysteriously revived woman? One of the quieter ones? God forbid, is there a clown in their midst?

In the end, Hiikaru is led away under accusations of illicit behavior, despite his protests. The villagers discover that he is, indeed, guilty.

Hiikaru was lynched. He was Calvin, Mafia.

The sun sets, and the citizens return to their homes, satisfied after another long day of crimefighting. Perhaps now that they've rid their village of so many affiliated with these heinous crimes, Calvinball2019town will be at peace.


[hide= ]At twilight, an explosion rocks the town. Three bodies are found.

qva has died. She was Calvin's Mom, Mafia.

RedneckPhoenix has died. He was Spaceman Spiff, Mafia.

Panini has died. She was Rosalyn, Mafia.

qva and Panini win the dodgeball event as the last people standing.


And then there were two.

It is now Night 3, proposal phase. 48 hours for night actions.[/hide]
Eifie has died. She was Tracer Bullet, Mafia.

Stryke has died. He was Susie Derkins, Mafia.

The Mafia of Chemist1422, Eifie, qva, Stryke, Panini, RedneckPhoenix, Hiikaru, and Butterfree have lost.
The Final Event: SHEEPEEHS³!

I have 10 questions here for you to answer. The winners of SHEEP and PEEHS will win this game!

You can talk in the thread, but don't discuss answers to these questions. I'll do a full reveal of all alignments, proposals, and actions after the event results!

Each answer gets a score equal to the number of times that answer was submitted. Each incorrect/inapplicable answer scores 1.5 times the highest score of a correct answer in PEEHS.

Submit one answer to each question. They don't need to be true. Your goal is to get the highest score - that is, try to answer the same things as other people.

1. Which is your favorite alignment to play? (Town, Mafia, or Third Party!)
2. What Pokemon would you most like to have as a pet?
3. Which is your favorite Legendary Pokemon?
4. What was your first Pokemon game?
5. What type are you?

Submit three answers to each question. They can be the same or different. Your goal is to get the lowest score - that is, try to answer different things from other people. Incorrect answers are punished.

6. Name someone who played in Calvinball 2019 or the original Calvinball Mafia!
7. Who is your favorite Calvin and Hobbes character? (Calvin's alter egos count as Calvin!)
8. Which is your favorite Mythical Pokemon?
9. What nature are you?
10. What Pokemon are you?
Your own answers count toward your score.

For example, if Alice submits "Red, Red, Red" to the question "What's your favorite color?", and no one else answers Red, she will score 3 points for each Red, for a total of 9 points.

For another example, let's say Alice and Bob are the only two players, Alice answers "Red, Orange, Seven," and Bob answers "Red, Yellow, Yellow." Red scores 2 points, Orange scores 1 point, Yellow scores 2 points, and Seven scores 2 * 1.5=3 points because it's an inapplicable answer. Alice's total score for the question is 2 + 1 + 3 = 6 points, and Bob's total score is 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 points.
Clarification: Please PM me your answers or message them on Telegram/Discord - don't post them in the thread.
also, can we all just appreciate Panini's efforts for a moment? master sandwich is a treasure and I hope we can keep her

this was never answered and i'm going to take a train to stryke's house tomorrow and kick his ass until he tells me
eifie could've just killed stryke but she wanted the world to burn

listen if you wanted something different you should have converted someone else

preferably someone else who wasn't killing themself with their proposal that very night
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