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Camp NaNoWriMo July 2017


local hellion

So! If you're not aware, Camp NaNoWriMo is a more flexible variant of NaNoWriMo proper; if you're not familiar with THAT, NaNo is a thing in November that encourages you to write 50,000 words for your story! Camp NaNo, therefore, is a bi-yearly thing (April and July) that allows you to customize your word goal further.

Like me and am not only bad at properly motivating yourself to write BUT ALSO taking a vacation the last week of the month and need it to be lower? Can do!

Feeling masochistic and wanna write more? I have a few questions about your personal priorities, but I presume you can do it.

SO! Last year the lovely Sandstone-Shadow organized a little tCoD cabin to get us all motivated throughout July, and I think it'd be cool if we did it again! I suspect cabins won't actually be a thing till June at least, so we all got time.

Soooooo if you want in, post in here and let me know! It'll be fun, at least to see me get to like July 20th and be like "I HAVE WRITTEN NOTHING"

1) Flora (Little Chavaleh)
2) JackPK (pumpkinking0192)
3) effervesce (auhnix)
4) Sandstone-Shadow (qyuarkrien)
5) Nira (qvalador)
6) Mhals (mhaladie)
7) Equinoxe (Equinoxe)
8) I liek Squirtles (J Squirtles)

Also talk about your projects! I wanna know what y'all are doin~
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aaaaa I may regret it but I think I'm gonna try again this year!

I don't remember how getting into a cabin works, but if you need my Camp NaNo account name to add me, it's pumpkinking0192!

I actually just had a breakthrough recently on an idea I'd had simmering in my brain for like three years now as simply a fantasy novel setting, and now with my breakthrough I finally have a plot to put in it! so hopefully the month and a half or so until July will give me enough time to work out the flesh in the middle of the plot without being so much time that I lose interest.

I've never been able to keep up with a NaNo variant past about day 5-ish, so this time I think I'm just going to not set a word count goal at all and instead I'll just aim to write at least something every day.
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Ah! I'm down! My life could potentially be a chaotic "moving across states and starting a new job and traveling" but somehow I think chaos helps me write...?

I'm not sure what I should write. I'd like to keep going on my current story, revising and editing, or maybe I should just take a break from it and try to write something new??
All gotten down! I also opted to put all the camp nano usernames in the list (shoulda been doing that from the start really) so everyone knows who they're talking to haha
i really shouldn't commit to this just to drop it again, but what the hell. count me in. username is qvalador.
I haven't gotten much writing done because I'm garbage, so I might as well join in to try and get some of my idea-level projects running. My username's Equinoxe there as well :P
Added as well! I think it's finally cabin-making time, too!! I'll get on that soon!! (also put in your project info on the site so I can actually invite you!!!)

Oh!!! And a secondary question; would y'all be okay if my boyfriend's in the cabin with us? I know he's talked to at least a few of you (he was in the telegram chat for a while; joined, made a meme, left. Veni vidi meme-y, if you will.) but I don't wanna make anyone uncomfortable!
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I added my project in so I should hopefully be invite-able now! :P

I don't see any harm in some additional non-TCoD people in the cabin, so your bf gets an a-ok from me at least. :D
I've officially decided to revise my story for this project, because it kind of gives you an option for it :O I'm not sure how to score it - I could kind of do by page, but maybe what I'll actually do is go by notes - I went through the whole draft and made a list of things to fix, so maybe my goal will be resolving all of those!

Also Emeric joining is cool with me!
It's almost July! HYPE!

(I apparently posted that too soon... here's the rest of the post.)

I've become rather nervous because I'm planning on (fingers crossed, I really want this to happen!) obtaining a new job and moving during the month of July, which is going to be a very time-consuming ordeal. But, I'm still going to go through with this, or try. My goal is going to be to resolve all of the notes I made on my first read through, and also I'd like to start keeping track of things that inspire me about the world. I have old Pinterest boards with cool pictures that could be creatures, scenery, etc. and I'd love to gather other little inspirational things too! I bought some cinnamon sticks at the craft store, which is very important to the story :D
Y'know, I was thinking I wouldn't do Camp NaNo this year, but actually it'd be a good opportunity to get caught up on my travel blog, which has been ridiculously neglected. I think I'll be ambitious and try to get ten entries done for it... an entry every three days, or probably around 25,000 words total. I doubt I'll come close, but at least doing SOMEthing would be a big improvement.

Good luck to everyone else participating! Let us know what you're up to!
Oooh do it! :D Travel journals are awesome!

I've counted up all the notes I made on my draft - there are 191 unresolved notes! Oh boy. I looked through and most of them are pretty in-depth notes, too... so this may be a busy month!

I am 2 notes in - this might be easier than I thought. Of course, I am about to go home for the weekend... people, remind me to stay productive!
So thus far this month I've managed to get out... one... blog post, which was about 75% written before July even began. I have a lot of excuses, but really, there's no excuse. Going to really try to get at least one more out before the end of July, so it feels like I actually did *something* on that front this month.
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