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[Colloseum] Where the heck is Heracross?


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You see, I really need to get that Ho-oh so I can finally complete the Pokedex in my Sapphire... Except, well, I can't find the guy with the shadow Heracross. My guidebook says that he was in Realgam Tower and that you can't miss him, but we beat the game and the shadow list says that we've never seen him. So, is it a glitch, or is he somewhere else and the guide has an error in it?

...If it makes any difference, this guide was a Brady Games one. I know that the Prima guides have thousands of mistakes, but this one seemed preety accurate aside from mixing up Machop and Machoke all the time.


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HERACROSS- Found in either the Shadow Lab or Snagem Hideout upon game
completion when the Cipher Peon drops down in that area. If this peon doesn’t
drop down, leave the area and keep coming back until he does.. Once you beat
the Ranger in charge of that area, Heracross’s trainer will leave, and you
can’t get Heracross. *1 CHANCE*
So sayeth GameFaqs.

Sounds like you missed it, sorry.


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I had a Brady Games guide for R/S once, I think. Worst guide ever. Pokémon location/rarity tables? They listed the obvious ones you couldn't fail to find, and then tacked onto the end of each table a completely unhelpful "explore to find out what other Pokémon live in this area!1!! :DDD".

Oh, and I was just about to post the exact same paragraph as Negrek, but never mind. Always check GameFAQs for this sort of thing, seriously.

Kratos Aurion

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Ha, my brother has that guide, Crys. Brady Games is terrible; I've ended up with several of their guides, and the only one that doesn't appear to be absolutely dead wrong and fragmented (hello, entire missing paragraphs in the ToS guide; hello, lack of basic information in the OoT guide) is the Wind Waker one. I'd take Prima over Brady Games any day (although Versus Books was a hell of a lot better than both); of course, GameFAQs is cheaper (free) and generally more accurate anyway.

ANYWAY, yes, Heracross is supposed to be in Realgam Tower, and you should have seen its trainer on the way to Ein; it doesn't look like you should be able to miss him. I don't remember anything about only getting one shot at the shadow Pokémon rematches, but then again I think Entei was the only one I gave up on and had to rematch so I dunno. If there's only one shot then there's only one shot, though. Sorry. :/

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I think there are chances to get all of them again.

I'd say search Snagem Hideout again, as I think a lot of the people who run away tend to end up there, or possibly the shadow pokémon lab.

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I'm pretty sure that you can't "miss" any of the shadow pokemon. iirc, every single trainer with a shadow pokemon can be challenged over and over until you snag it.


Who's a pretty bird?
Okay then, thank you everyone for all your help, I'll see if Heracross will ever come forth... if not, well, maybe a new file might work. Thanks again!