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Create a rainbow with Pokemon you like!


the world is just a sphere

this was pretty hard. seems like i have a preference for warm-colored pokémon, huh? actually most of my favorites aren't even in here, i was just looking at the bulbapedia colors page and picking stuff that jumped out at me.


Vanilla Vanilla
A nice warm rainbow is good too! :D The warm section (slowbro to archen) looks really nice tbh. AND the warm colours part 2 (featuring goodbirds)


<<deleted by mod>>
any pronoun
This was tougher than I thought it would be lol
I wanted to limit myself to one line, so I picked a semi-arbitrary limit of 15 pokémon and then set to Bulbapedia’s list of pokémon by National Dex number… My “shortlist” ended up being 85 pokémon long, lol. I then picked the first 15 that came into mind and ordered them by colour… but then, rereading the original shortlist, I realised that I had forgotten some of my very favourite and, long story short, my rainbow now has the even more arbitrary number of 18 species. As it still fits in one line in a 1024-pixel-wide monitor, I’m fine with it.

There’s not a whole lot of red and too much yellow and I’m not 100% comfortable with the placement of braixen and absol, but it’s still pretty I guess??