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Create Stuff & Chill

A fandom discord server I’m part of semi-accidentally started putting together a roleswap au that has gone from just “haha wouldn’t it be fun if this side character was a major character instead” to like…entirely new content (its a little difficult to explain without the full context I think) and a LOT of neat designs/ficlets and each of us taking a handful of characters and deciding What Is Up With Them here

it’s UNBELIEVABLY fun, just kinda goofing around and tossing ideas onto the pile and effectively developing a tiny sub-fandom with its own memes. Something kinda similar happened with a dnd game I was part of a while back and it’s nice to have that kinda feeling again :3
Some new and returning Pokemon, and new regional forms, from the Nogland region you may be able to find early in your journey are
Returning Pokemon: Bunnelby, Wingull, Zigzagoon (with a new evolution for Linoone that is a rival of Obstagoon), Pumpkaboo, Bidoof, Nickit, Combee, Blipbug, Dewpider, Wooloo, Pidove, Krabby, Corphish, Applin, Shinx, Shellder, Spheal, Buizel, Rufflet, Vullaby, Chewtle.

Regional forms: Meowth and Persian (Rock, based on bobcats, will have a third evo), Hoothoot (Flying/Ice, based on snowy owls, has regional evo), Teddiursa Ursaring and Ursaluna (Beast based on the American black bear, Ursaluna is Beast/Poison), Yungoos and Gumshoos (Poison/Normal, based on skunks) Ekans (Poison/Water, based on coral snakes and literal coral, has regional evo).

New Pokemon: Pebblix (mono Rock type baby Onix), Stambino (baby for Stantler and Wyrdeer), Kafflet (Beast type baby that can evolve into either Tauros, Miltank or Bouffalant), Guardiagoon (Normal/Beast Evo for Hoennian Linoone) Ymowl (regional Hoothoot Evo), Grublutton and Beetlebub (Bug/Dark, based on Asian longhorn beetles), Purrsmilus (Rock/Beast regional evo for Persian, based on Smilodon), Triak (evolves from Noglandean Ekans)

Also introducing the Beast type! It is immune to Fairy, weak to itself, Electric and Dragon. Flying, Ice, Electric, and Psychic resist it. It hits Fairy, itself, and Bug and for super effective damage. Dragon type Pokemon are immune to Beast Type moves.

Older Pokemon that may or may not be found in Nogland that are the Beast type: Mienfoo and Mienshao (Fighting/Beast) Mankey and Primeape (Fighting/Beast) Snorunt and Glalie (Ice/Beast), Poochyena and Mightyena (Dark/Beast), Tauros Miltank and Bouffalant (all mono Beast), Spearow and Fearow (Beast/Flying), Raikou Entei and Suicune (all part beast), Kantonian Arcanine and Kantonian Ninetales (Fire/Beast), Xerneas (Fairy/Beast), Kyogre (Water/Beast), Wailmer and Wailord (Water/Beast), Luxray (Electric/Beast), Cufant and Copperajah (Steel/Beast), Pachirisu (Electric/Beast), the Unova monkey trio (all part Beast), Munchlax and Snorlax (Beast), Zangoose (Beast), Skiddo and Gogoat (Grass/Beast), Unovan Zorua and Zoroark (Dark/Beast) Cranidos and Rampardos (Rock/Beast), Passimain (Fighting/Beast) Rufflet and Unovan Braviary (Beast/Flying)
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Apologies for the double post, but I am about to reveal the evolution line for the Noglandean starter trio, and two legendary Pokemon that represent hopes and dreams! And introducing Nogland's regional battle gimmick. But before all of that...
Also a minor type change to Groudon, who gains the Fire type, since its counterpart gained the beast type. And what Nogland lacks in Mega Evolution, z moves, and dynamax... It makes up for in Sigma Techniques! These are powerful, usually dual typed moves that you can use twice per battle! However, you cannot have the same Pokemon or same Sigma Technique repeat in any given battle. This also means no type repeats despite the countless combinations.

Examples of Sigma Techniques using two of the three starter types:
Piquant Pummel (Grass/Fire)
Boiling Blaster (Fire/Water)
Swamp Strike (Water/Grass)

The legendary Pokemon of Nogland are Kibardoh, A Flying/Electric type thunderbird of hope, and Yumetulu, a psychic/water type kraken of dreams.

Last but not least for now....

What? Alligrout Oscorch and Ursplash are evolving!
Jawood, Strusinge, and Bearqua are the first evolved forms of the Nogland starters
And they're evolving again!
Graetoryu, Burstrich and Arctidal are the final evolutions, Grass/Dragon, Fire/Fairy and Water/Beast respectively!
New Fakemon starters, the Pumoja region trio. Nyacruta, Motovark, and Hyppoko!


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Oh! Sorry, My Bad.
I Read Some Of Your Posts And The Idea Of Having A Beast Type Seems Very Interesting And Creative. I Would Love To Have A Beast Type Team, Very Badass, Hehe.
Changed my mind. Pumoja will stay! A kind volunteer in a Fakemon group on a different social media platform is helping me with redesigns for Nyacruta, Motovark, and Hyppoko, as well as ther evos! Hyppoko is the only one who is finished at the moment. Stay tuned, y'all!
Sekwi will have a grand total of 500 Pokémon in its regional Pokédex! Many of which are also found in canon regions from Kanto to Paldea! And some of those will either get regional forms, a new evolutionary relative, or both! The Sekwi Region "versions" will be called Pokémon Hopes and Pokémon Dreams!

Now for the First Partner Choices for new Pokémon Trainers in the Sekwi Region!

Melgrowth, The Leaf Turkey Pokémon (Grass/Flying) ->Vergobble, The Noisy Bird Pokémon (Grass/Flying)->Turkopia The Fruitful Pokémon (Grass/Flying)
Kindllama, The Flame Wool Pokémon (Fire)->Ignaco, The Long Neck Pokémon (Fire)-> Vulpaca, The Smithing Pokémon (Fire/Steel)
Splashrimp, The Blue Plankton Pokémon (Water)->Krawnsayl, The Snow Shrimp Pokémon (Water/Ice)->Lobscanyr, The Buccaneer Pokémon (Water/Ice)

Also the two powerful Legendary Pokémon of Hopes and Dreams

Misawzure, the Ground/Fairy-type mascot of Pokémon Hopes, based on Paul Bunyan's famous giant blue ox named Babe (name comes from an Algonquin word for wanting + azure)
Crimtulu, the Dark/Water-type mascot of Pokémon Dreams, based on the most well-known Lovecraftian being Cthulhu (name comes from Crimson and Cthulhu)

Some Sekwian Forms you'll likely encounter early on in your journey will include
Sekwian Purrloin, a Ground/Dark-type based on the Mainecoon cat breed, evolves into Lieynx (Ground/Dark), based on a Bobcat
Sekwian Hoothoot and Sekwian Noctowl (Flying/Ice-types based on the Snowy Owl/Snowflakes and Snowmen)
Zigzagoon and Linoone appear as they usually do outside of the Galar region, but Linoone here in Sekwi can evolve,into Gankragoone, a stealthy Normal/Ghost Type.
Mookaff, a small bovid Pokémon that can evolve into Tauros (if male), Miltank (if female), or Bouffalant (if given a certain item called a Fuzzy Wig, regardless of gender)
Fawmbino is a Pokémon that evolves into Stantler (and yes, you can evolve it even further into the extremely rare Wyrdeer, if you work really hard at it)
Sekwian Tarountula is a Bug/Fire-type that is known for having an hourglass shape on its body that is hot to the touch! Evolves into Widdops, who are reclusive but not afraid to attack!
Somewhere in Sekwi there is a place called the Safari Park, divided into many different sections where you can catch various Pokémon that aren't normally found in Sekwi, Some of which are able to evolve into powerful new forms in this region! Zebstrika, Mightyena, Purugly, Grumpig, Grafaiai, Donphan, Swoobat, Chatot, Delibird, Dewgong, Torkoal, and maybe more! More info soon!

New species!
Spectrout, a Water/Fairy type based on a rainbow trout who might not be super impressive, but if you evolve one into a Celestrout (also Water/Fairy), according to an ancient Sekwian story, you might have a wish granted, within reason, of course...
Maplani and Maplibic are Grass/Fairy-type Pokémon that are known to produce a very sweet syrup and give it to people they really like. If they don't really like you, the syrup is relatively bitter and a bit poisonous. So be nice to them!
Makkub is a shy Dark-type Bear-like Pokémon, that evolves into Kizursine, a Dark/Fire-type Pokémon based mostly on the American Black Bear, with a bit of Sun Bear.
Possneak, a Normal-type Pokémon that sometimes pretends to faint if cornered. Evolves into Delpossum, a Normal/Psychic-type Pokémon that the indigenous Sekwian tribes seek out for advice about the future. This advice is often very vague, though.
Angroose is a Flying-type that often migrates to and from Sekwi, and has a bad attitude. It evolves into Genghoose, a Flying/Fighting, who is even meaner and has been known to steal small items from unsuspecting Trainers. Flying Taxis do not operate in Sekwi despite numerous attempts because of just how territorial these Pokémon often are. Cyclizar Cabs are a surprisingly good alternative, though.
Chikredd, a Flying/Normal-type chicken Pokémon, evolves into Redrhode, who can learn a surprising amount of Fire and Fighting type moves!

Also... The Safari Park also has some interesting Pokémon that are new to the Sekwi regional Pokédex.. Including but not limited to...

Wallapunch and Brawlaby are some cute yet feisty Fighting-type Pokémon that are found! in the Safari Park. And Wartyke, an Ice/Poison-type Pig Pokémon that evolves into Frigitusk!
The Pumoja region's "versions" are called Pokémon Topaz and Pokémon Jade. And I'd like to reveal the Legendary Mascot duo of Pumoja while reworking the starters.

These two Legendary Pokémon created the many biomes of Pumoja as a result of their epic clash. They are also convergent Pokémon, and are very similar to Kyogre and Groudon of the Hoenn Region.

If these were real Pokémon games, the opposite Box Art Legendary would be obtainable well into the postgame.

Kavogre, the Mascot of Pokémon Topaz, is a Rock Type that is said to gracefully swim through desert sand as if it was the ocean

Baridon is the Mascot of Pokémon Jade, and can tolerate the cold better than even the heartiest of Trainers. It is an Ice type.

There will be two hypothetical DLCs. The first is called "The Tree of Amethyst", with a third Fairy/Electric convergent Legendary Pokémon named Raymwanga that resembles Rayquaza. Pumojan fables claim it is equally at home in vast caverns as it is deep in the ocean, and it glows a pleasant purple color in the dark.

The second is called "The Garnet Meteor", and will feature Mewtyrant, which was created by the region's dastardly Team Comet, and has DNA from not only Mew, but also bits and pieces Deoxys, Arceus, and Genesect. It is a Psychic/Dark-type with nigh omnipotence and an explosive temper. Team Comet regrets creating it.
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I remade a video from about 2 years ago. Maybe not "creative" but I created it.

Some more Ajomuan Pokemon and variants have been discovered!

Ajomuan Pidgey and Ajomuan Pidgeotto are both Flying/Fighting type based on the vulturine guineafowl, eventually evolving into Ajomuan Pidgeot, who is based on a Marital Eagle. Ajomuan Pidgeot has very powerful talons, more so than its Kantonian counterpart.

Pictoggo is a new gimmick Pokemon that is a Dark-type based on the African Wild Dog. It is the only Pokemon in Ajomu that can learn Sketch, but unlike Smeargle, it can use TMs and TRs.

Ajomuan Dunsparce is a sleek Rock-type based on the African rock python. It evolves into Dunspython, who is a long boi.

The fossils in Ajomu are a little like the Galarian fossils. You start out with reviving a paleontologically inaccurate specimen with one fossil, and make it hold the same fossil and level it up at lv 42 to evolve them into something more realistic to modern science.

Spinotyke is a Dragon-type Spinosaurus that evolves into Spinopex, who is Dragon/Water.

Dinoguan is a Fighting-type Iguanodon that evolves into Guanathumb, who is Fighting/Ground.
First of all, I'm so sorry I know this is an old discussion but please let me know howcan i solve this problem Ajomu's fossils: inaccurate-to-realistic evo or clever twist? Which fossil Pokemon evolution are you most excited about? I would be very happy if you could let me know, thanks
Why not both?
I'm working on making a little Pokemon RP discord. It's slow going by myself, but I still need to do more work on the system itself before I'm comfortable opening it up to other people. Also need to work more on the map of the region and encounter tables...
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