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A fandom discord server I’m part of semi-accidentally started putting together a roleswap au that has gone from just “haha wouldn’t it be fun if this side character was a major character instead” to like…entirely new content (its a little difficult to explain without the full context I think) and a LOT of neat designs/ficlets and each of us taking a handful of characters and deciding What Is Up With Them here

it’s UNBELIEVABLY fun, just kinda goofing around and tossing ideas onto the pile and effectively developing a tiny sub-fandom with its own memes. Something kinda similar happened with a dnd game I was part of a while back and it’s nice to have that kinda feeling again :3

Kung Fu Ferret

Hey Lois
Some new and returning Pokemon, and new regional forms, from the Nogland region you may be able to find early in your journey are
Returning Pokemon: Bunnelby, Wingull, Zigzagoon (with a new evolution for Linoone that is a rival of Obstagoon), Pumpkaboo, Bidoof, Nickit, Combee, Blipbug, Dewpider, Wooloo, Pidove, Krabby, Corphish, Applin, Shinx, Shellder, Spheal, Buizel, Rufflet, Vullaby, Chewtle.

Regional forms: Meowth and Persian (Rock, based on bobcats, will have a third evo), Hoothoot (Flying/Ice, based on snowy owls, has regional evo), Teddiursa Ursaring and Ursaluna (Beast based on the American black bear, Ursaluna is Beast/Poison), Yungoos and Gumshoos (Poison/Normal, based on skunks) Ekans (Poison/Water, based on coral snakes and literal coral, has regional evo).

New Pokemon: Pebblix (mono Rock type baby Onix), Stambino (baby for Stantler and Wyrdeer), Kafflet (Beast type baby that can evolve into either Tauros, Miltank or Bouffalant), Guardiagoon (Normal/Beast Evo for Hoennian Linoone) Ymowl (regional Hoothoot Evo), Grublutton and Beetlebub (Bug/Dark, based on Asian longhorn beetles), Purrsmilus (Rock/Beast regional evo for Persian, based on Smilodon), Triak (evolves from Noglandean Ekans)

Also introducing the Beast type! It is immune to Fairy, weak to itself, Electric and Dragon. Flying, Ice, Electric, and Psychic resist it. It hits Fairy, itself, and Bug and for super effective damage. Dragon type Pokemon are immune to Beast Type moves.

Older Pokemon that may or may not be found in Nogland that are the Beast type: Mienfoo and Mienshao (Fighting/Beast) Mankey and Primeape (Fighting/Beast) Snorunt and Glalie (Ice/Beast), Poochyena and Mightyena (Dark/Beast), Tauros Miltank and Bouffalant (all mono Beast), Spearow and Fearow (Beast/Flying), Raikou Entei and Suicune (all part beast), Kantonian Arcanine and Kantonian Ninetales (Fire/Beast), Xerneas (Fairy/Beast), Kyogre (Water/Beast), Wailmer and Wailord (Water/Beast), Luxray (Electric/Beast), Cufant and Copperajah (Steel/Beast), Pachirisu (Electric/Beast), the Unova monkey trio (all part Beast), Munchlax and Snorlax (Beast), Zangoose (Beast), Skiddo and Gogoat (Grass/Beast), Unovan Zorua and Zoroark (Dark/Beast) Cranidos and Rampardos (Rock/Beast), Passimain (Fighting/Beast) Rufflet and Unovan Braviary (Beast/Flying)
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Kung Fu Ferret

Hey Lois
Apologies for the double post, but I am about to reveal the evolution line for the Noglandean starter trio, and two legendary Pokemon that represent hopes and dreams! And introducing Nogland's regional battle gimmick. But before all of that...
Also a minor type change to Groudon, who gains the Fire type, since its counterpart gained the beast type. And what Nogland lacks in Mega Evolution, z moves, and dynamax... It makes up for in Sigma Techniques! These are powerful, usually dual typed moves that you can use twice per battle! However, you cannot have the same Pokemon or same Sigma Technique repeat in any given battle. This also means no type repeats despite the countless combinations.

Examples of Sigma Techniques using two of the three starter types:
Piquant Pummel (Grass/Fire)
Boiling Blaster (Fire/Water)
Swamp Strike (Water/Grass)

The legendary Pokemon of Nogland are Kibardoh, A Flying/Electric type thunderbird of hope, and Yumetulu, a psychic/water type kraken of dreams.

Last but not least for now....

What? Alligrout Oscorch and Ursplash are evolving!
Jawood, Strusinge, and Bearqua are the first evolved forms of the Nogland starters
And they're evolving again!
Graetoryu, Burstrich and Arctidal are the final evolutions, Grass/Dragon, Fire/Fairy and Water/Beast respectively!


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Oh! Sorry, My Bad.
I Read Some Of Your Posts And The Idea Of Having A Beast Type Seems Very Interesting And Creative. I Would Love To Have A Beast Type Team, Very Badass, Hehe.