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Open Digimon Adventure III: Reapermon's Revenge

The Digital World is in danger again. Reapermon, who just so happens to be Diaboromon reincarnated, is attempting to conquer the Digital World, and also planning to destroy the Real World. He sucessfully had his minions kidnap the old Digidestined and their Digimon, and new Digidestined must save them, using Digivice 3.0's, and Digimon Partners. There will be 14 new Digidestined (including myself), and they must stop Reapermon's minions in the Real World before being able to go to the Digital World.

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Physical Appearance (a pic or a decent description will do):
Recent History (keep it brief):
Digimon Partner (Rookie):
Digivolution Line:
Digivice 3.0 Color:

My Profile

Name: Eric
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Physical Appearance (a pic or a decent description will do): The male hero from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl
Personality: Will be played out
Recent History (keep it brief): He doesn't like to talk about his past with ANYONE!
Digimon Partner (Rookie): Monmon
Digivolution Line (Rookie to Mega): Monmon -> Hookmon -> Assaultmon -> Cannondramon
Digivice 3.0 Color: Gold
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New member
ZOMG ADVENTURE 3!!! Tamers was meh, Frontier nearly destroyed it, and Data Squad is just plain heresy. Adventure 1 and 02 were the best.

Name: Zak
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Physical Appearance (a pic or a decent description will do): Black hair, green t-shirt with open black jacket, black pants, and black shoes.
Personality: played out
Recent History: Just an ordinary American sixteen year old. He always wanted to go to Japan, but now that he's there on vacation, he has received a digivice and a Floramon partner and is now a new Digidestined. Not that Digimon are anything strange to him; he saw the Omnimon battle on the internet when he was younger, and now that Digimon are no longer a secret (cause of the end of 02), he is fascinated with them and proud to be a Digidestined.
Digimon Partner (Rookie): Floramon (most are female, but can this one be male?)
Digivolution Line: Floramon -> Kiwimon -> Deramon -> Gryphonmon
Digivice 3.0 Color: Teal


New member
Wow... unfortunately, this looks less popular than your last Digimon RP, CB. Of course, people actually did join that one, it's just that you didn't start it. I personally love Digimon, and no offense to you, but I think that maybe not everyone here shares our enthusiasm...


Mage of Blood
I join all his RPs!

Physical Appearance:Pretty much my Trainersona,blond hair,wears a lot of blue,and always is carrying a purse. that always has evrything you need,and it's a wonder she fits it all in a little bitty purse!
Recent History:She found her Digimon while playing the computer.She was looking at a Digidex,as she had heard about them before.When she clicked on Gatomon,she appeared!
Digimon Partner (Rookie):Gatomon(does that count?)
Digivolution Line:Salamon-Gatomon-Angewomon-Ophanimon
Digivice 3.0 Color:Pink


Mage of Blood
Oh,well,*googles fore more Digidex's because the one I use isn't that good*