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Dragons' Den

LuckyLapras' Duck

Those tomatoes are rancid.
Dragons' Den

You walk into a dark cave, with no people around, to find an abundance of wild Dragons (and items). You cautiously walk on, only to find a picket sign on a picket fence. It reads:

Dragons' Den

$4 to play


Common (50% chance of encounter): BagonHorseaDratiniCharmanderMagikarpAronArchenSwabluTrapinchAxewGibleDeino

Uncommon (25% chance of encounter): ShelgonSeadraDragonairCharmeleonLaironVibravaFraxureGabiteZweilous

Rare (13% chance of encounter): GyaradosArcheopsAltariaDruddigon

Ultra-rare (7% chance of encounter): SalamenceKingdraAggronFlygon

Super-duper-unbelievably-rare (2% chance of encounter): DragoniteCharizardHaxorusGarchompHydreigonLapras

Nothing (2% chance of encounter)

Shiny rate is 1/8172

Items: (There are a lot of them this time. 90% chance of encounter) Dragon-ScaleYache-BerryDragon-FangDraco-PlateDragon-GemSplash-PlateWater-GemMystic-WaterFlame-OrbFlame-PlateCharcoalFire-GemSteel-GemIron-PlateMetal-CoatStone-PlateRock-GemHard-StoneFlying-GemSky-PlateSharp-BeakEarth-PlateGround-GemSoft-SandIcicle-PlateNevermelticeIce-Gem

If you've played Cyberspace, you should be familiar with how it works, but I might mix it up a little.

Current players:
  • Allergies
  • SpiedeRainbows
  • Phantom
  • I Liek Squirtles
  • Zekrom_Bolt

Have fun and don't forget to quote your status and say something when you leave!
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Apparently I have a shit ton of money that I haven't been using.

So I'll have a run since this is active LL.
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