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Falling Eternal


onion witch
The very meaning of life, shattering
into a million pieces, the shards gleaming in a fire before my eyes.
It will never come back, and the fire fades
so does my vision, and I fall into ecstasy.
But nothing amounts to the pain before this
the pain that I felt being left behind,
being put in the dust as the only thing that ever mattered
left me alone to die.
Why am I here? What is the point?
And is it ending now, or just beginning?
So many questions I need answered and yet...
there is no one to answer them

Truly alone in the world, no one to turn to
but my own reflection seen in the puddle of tears settled
on the sandy bottom of my despair
Falling, yet going nowhere
and it will happen until the end of time
because the only hand that had ever reached out and helped me
is gone now, and is pushing me further down.

Do not leave me, my friend.
I need you now more than ever.​


onion witch
It's freestyle, I'm not really using a meter. It's just a poem. Most poems have a meter, but not all.