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Favorite Types of Animals :D


Witch of Light
I am not sure if I have an absolute favorite, but I like cats. I am not exactly sure why.

One interesting thing: Somewhere on the Internet, I read that someone had an emotional problem and his cats came to him and purred, and it probably meant something like "Don't worry, we are still here for you." And sometimes when I have a problem, I come to my cat and hug her like she was the only one who still loved me.

Cats because they're cute, duh!
Recently I've realised that cats are mainly cute because of how evil they are. What with killing birds for no reason (because for eating it afterwards would be too logical) and that cheeky grin they always have.
Attacking your foot while purring meaning that they don't mean the attack seriously might be cuter, but not that evil. But now that I think of it, using humans the way Worf uses holographic monsters sounds a bit evil.
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Cute forum goer
I got very into the dog episode they showed on Too Cute today xD

I may make more dog related puzzles on jigsaw planet sometime.

Both dogs and unicorns are awesome ^_^

(...plus, i have a dog of my own, anyways :P)