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Finally found a revive


Time: I come from the past. O.o
That took a long time. I joined, posted a bit then faded away over the start of the school year...:blank:

I suck at forums...

I'm a 14 year old boy (still) named Adam and enjoy technology. I, on my free time, tend to program and write/modify web sites by hand (because web builders are too limited). I don't have a favorite pokemon, but I do have ones that I prefer over others.
Being your average (or maybe not) non-stereotypical teenage boy, I don't play games often, am wildy socially awkward, yet still managed to make a group of friends, and the games I do play are only some nintendo games, minecraft (and mods), and hacked or fan-made nintendo games.

I dunno. What else should I say? That the above text is annoying to read?