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Foongus Among Us


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Hi all :3

Total rando, yeah, I've been tempted to join in the mafia here during probably the only window I have the time/energy for it, before I return to the featureless stretching age that is adulthold... I'll see next signups
And then thinking about it made me free associate & I thought why not impulse thread-make if no ones talked about this already hahahaha

So obviously old news, but did anyone here crack at ol Amogus or at least watch any content of it (I did not perform this basic education. Just. Not a video person haha), & if you are one of the site mafia-ficionados, how did you find it/what did you think of the gameplay in comparison? Aside from the nightmare I assume is solo queue when you're a solvey player hahahaha

Even if you have absolutely no experience of any of the above, feel free to come in with completely drive-by takes hahaa, not gonna interrupt much I'm sure
Or feel free to also use as catch-all thread

Unrelated but i named an amoongus i caught in pokemon sword and shield "Amog Us"

i do like among us tho, it's a fun game. Although i like mafia cause it's more complex
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Amogus is fun! ^^ It's a mixed bag if you're playing with randos, for sure, but if you can group up with at least one other friend it becomes more bearable. I hadn't played for a while, so when I jumped back in again recently it felt like the meta had really evolved and everyone was far more galaxy brain than me LOL

I like the cute hats and pets, my fave is the UFO and the little son crewmate :D
I don’t play it personally, but having watched my siblings on it, like most multiplayer games it’s best when you play it with friends. IRL or online doesn’t matter, as long as it’s people you know you enjoy hanging out with.
amougus... now that's a game I haven't gamered with of late.

I miss playing with my friends because we each had our specific colors to the point where the color choices are ingrained in my memories as Them. I was orange with a variety of hats (usually cowboy).
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