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For You

Gardevoir Girl

^Don't call me that
This is a poem I wrote over the past few days. I don’t think it’s a very good poem, and it’s certainly not worthy of the person it’s written for. But this is the best I could do. I hope it expresses at least some of what I’m feeling.

For You​

I can sense you waiting
On the other side of my screen.
I dream of being there,
In a place I’ve never seen.

Staring at the lines of text
That form what I know of you,
My eyes close, a vision forms;
A vision I hope will come true.

Breathing a different country’s air,
Stepping into a new land;
Seeing your face break into a smile;
Feeling you take my hand.

Coming back to the moment now,
Watching sentences take form,
I can almost feel you breathing;
I feel so relaxed and warm.

My fingers type the familiar words,
Again asking how you are.
My heart is aching for you;
I feel so near yet so far.

You are everything, my whole world,
The sun, the stars, the moon;
You light up my every day;
Your smile would make me swoon.

Our love will not be in vain;
I promise you, one day,
I will finally take your hand;
Beside you I will stay.

I smile at the humming machine,
Feeling so close to you;
Once again I type the words:
I love you.