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Gardevoir Girl
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  • Oh thank you~!

    Hey~ I'm doing pretty good today! Excited about the presents I'm going to get~ And also, going to birthday dinner on Sunday (since nobody has time today, they're all working or at school), which is pretty cool.

    And how are you?
    Yes, that's what I read. Wow, that's all really interesting. Hey, have you ever read Vampires, by Konstantinos? That's where I got all of my information, it's a very good, non-fictional book.
    Ah. It sounds like you may be an uninentional vampire. That's rather common around people whose energy is low due to whatever reason. At my old church from a couple years ago, there were a lot of older folks who had various illnesses - things like cancer and whatnot - and whenever I went there, I felt very tired and drained. I also observed that a few of my friends felt tired there a lot too. I believe there might have been a psychic vampire there.

    But it's interesting that you're one at a very young age. Some people generally start to develope psychic vampirism in their later years, when it's harder to maintain energy and such. But it's good to know that you're learning to control it. ^_^

    What really scares me are intentional psychic vampires. As in, they're stealing energy because they want to. It's horrible, because you may never know until it's too late. D: That's why I sheild myself every night before I go to bed, since people are far more vulnerable asleep than awake.
    Oh wow, I see. Have you always been like that, or did it develope over time? And what is it like?

    Sorry if this sounds too invasive, but I'm very curious. X3
    That's good.

    Heh. Yes, I do believe in them. In fact, the attack I mentioned before I believe was a psychic vampire. Not sure if it was intentional or not.

    (btw, I'd never mock you, even if I didn't believe in them ^_^)
    Oh dear, that's not good. Are you psychically inclined? I myself am not very, but I'm slowly but surely awakening my psychic mind.
    Hell yeah. I think I may have been on the receiving end of that once.

    I'm guessing you do as well? XP
    Every time I see a gardevoir in a game now, I think of you XP And then I don't want to beat it >.<
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