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  • D'awww. That's good to hear! I love romancey stuff. =3

    Well, I broke up with my boyfriend... I guess it's been a bit hard, until recently. We're still really good friends, and I'm considering getting back with him again. But he told me that if we are, we should wait a bit. I guess I feel happier because we're not arguing anymore, we had been for like two months, and the arguments are finally over, and our relationship appears to be getting better. (We also took a break from talking to each other, so that really helped out too.)

    Basically, it's been really rough for me for two months, but things are finally looking up.
    I just went for a nice walk. Since I'm unsure about my path and all, I just didn't do anything specific and just thought and talked out loud and stuff for a bit in a forest. XD;;; Sounds weird, but I enjoyed it~

    Ah, you went for a ritual with some friends, didn't you? Something like that. How did that go?
    That's what I felt I should do... I don't want to call myself anything else when I don't feel like anything else, you're right.

    Aww, thanks for your advice. <3 You're so awesome~
    Oh wow, that sounds great. *is envious* Myself... I don't really think I'll do anything because I'm still researching frantically and trying to find my own place within the faith. Do you think I shouldn't call myself Wiccan until I feel I'm fully self-initiated? :/
    I have another excuse; I was on holiday! XP

    After my preparation (a.k.a. frantic research and talking to others...) I definitely plan to do lots of things for the sabbats too. What do you plan on doing for upcoming Beltane?

    Sorry, this is starting to sound like an interview or something... x3
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