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  • Sorry I didn't reply for so long, my computer is still frazzled up.

    Happy Ostara to you too! A... very late one.
    I've ordered your damn plane tickets to the Netherlands already, now come on in to the gay/gangsta/weed paradise
    Sorry this is a really late reply, haven't been using my computer. ^^;

    Ah, I see. Hmm, I really respect anyone who's performed magic. 8D
    I took a look there, and I didn't see anything for my county/area. D: Which is a shame, I'll have to keep poking around. Grr, I hate living in such a little rural place.

    I wouldn't imagine it would be... thanks for the tip! Do you practice magic much yourself?
    Thank you! <3 It's always nice to get some recommendations from actual people, rather than just on the internet where I'm not sure of the writer.

    I have a bit of interest in magic... but I want to look a lot more into it.
    I've heard of that one, yeah... I've ordered it at my local library. :D Can't wait until I'm sixteen (end of this month, not like... years away XD) so I can reserve books at the library online and get more stuff. Have you anything else to recommend? 8DD
    I've always been interested in Neopaganism as a whole, and once I found Wicca I was just like "whoa..." like it fit.

    I guess a certain Arthurian retelling got me into the researching though.

    What an odd father you doth have Lexiwaffles...

    Well mine was an mentally deranged rabid wolf named RAGRGHUEFHUEFHEU. Oh daddy, we loved him~
    Still... I must be certain.

    ;;Talks to guy on the phone;; They're back in the Union~ Yaaay~

    And aaah, I thought so. Only that guy would be your brother. He is... freaky.
    Well because if THEY succeed, then the other states start getting ideas... And I don't like them getting ideas...

    Also Canada is a threat to the United States! (Okay... Canada's leader is CREEPY. O_O He stalks me.)

    Rhode Island is a country now...?

    Unacceptable! I AM the President of the United States! I should know these things! ;;Makes several calls;; AND YOU GET RHODE ISLAND'S ASS BACK INTO THE UNION PRONTO!


    My apologies! Just a small... crisis.

    Yes well Canada appears to be pretty pesky... hmm...
    Oh? Leaders of inferior countries...? Hmm... I must learn of your ways! I myself also being a leader of a country, have limited time as well.

    Which leaders do you suggest I kill?
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