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Forum rules

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Respect other people. Even if you don't like what someone is saying, express your disagreement civilly. Don't mock or make fun of other members; don't post complaining about other members (instead, contact a staff member if you have concerns about someone's behaviour); don't make sweeping insulting proclamations about groups of people that members might belong to (or otherwise); try to be kind rather than mean, understanding rather than hostile, and charitable rather than jumping to the worst possible conclusions; and overall just don't be an asshole.

Make your posts meaningful. Don't spam; don't make posts that just mean nothing of substance to other forumgoers; don't just post "this". If you forgot to add something to your post, use the Edit button (however, if this is an older thread and you're posting in it to add some interesting new update, such as a new chapter of a fanfic or the latest news about the subject of the thread, please do make a new post). Make your posts easy to read.

Mind spoilers, triggers, and general tastefulness. Do not post sexually explicit or fetishistic material; if you're posting something involving common triggers or phobias (including flashing gifs and other potential epileptic triggers), please use the [spoiler=Spiders]Here's a picture of a spider[/spoiler] BBCode to hide it until the user chooses to view it; and don't spoil fictional works, solutions to puzzles or mysteries (within reason).

Don't plagiarize. If you didn't make something, don't claim you did. If someone else made your avatar or an image in your signature, please credit that person's name clearly.

Don't skirt around the rules. If you're clearly here to stir up trouble, be a nuisance or cause other people distress, you can't just argue that you didn't technically break a rule; we are humans and not blind rules lawyers.

Enforcement of these rules should be within reasonable common sense limits. If you break a rule in an obviously unintentional way, we'll just nudge you to please not do that. If you break a rule in a clearly intentional or egregious manner, or keep on breaking a rule after having it explained to you, then we'll have to resort to formal warnings and bans, but we'd all very much prefer if we didn't have to.

Above all, just have fun and try to make this one of those rare nice places on the internet!
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