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Frontier Town Founder's Square

Silver cocked a brow. “Huh. Sounds like karma hasn’t been merciful with your world’s Gio.” He rolled his eyes and whispered to himself, “Not like he might’ve deserved any better, anyway…”

When Nova brought out the dark-colored Pokéball, Silver inspected the sphere and tapped it, making it swish in the telekinetic grasp.

“A Luxury Ball… Yeah, this is basically an updated, extra-deluxe version of the Apricorn-made Friend Ball. You can easily guess why it’s named that way.” He chuckled. “Kinda make ‘em sound like some cheat code, if you ask me!”

The amused grin faded, replaced by a contemplative expression. “Though, huh, that’s indeed kinda weird. Mewtwo giving you some friendship-based means to help you out, and then the whole deal with all those Apricorns stored for ‘convenience’…” He frowned. “It’s just… so suspicious. Sure, we might surpass him with raw power, but what if he’s hiding a royal flush under his sleeve?”
“I’m not that young!” whined Silver, flustered. “I’m almost sixteen!”

Very convincing and compelling argument, no doubt.

“B-besides! When you partake a lotsa business meetings with dubious individuals, you learn a thing or two about the ‘adult world’,” he added, emulating the quotation marks with his claws, but promptly lowered his arms when he realized that his gesture didn’t exactly help his case. “Ugh… Let’s just say that I’ve learned stuff that’s from beyond my natural age, okay? And that made my teen years… an interesting experience. I can say this much.”
"Right." Nova nodded slowly. "I mean, yeah, there could be some secret plan in his, uh, home or lair or whatever. But the other thing is... Mew. Who you met."

He scratched at his left side with his left hind leg. "I dunno how to explain it, but I have this... gut feeling that Mew means well. And he's sticking around Mewtwo, who claims Mew's foiled his plans in the past."
“Hm. Yeah, Mew seems… actually trustworthy,” muttered Silver, nodding to himself as he reminded the meeting with the legendary cat.

While Silver didn’t have a way to gauge and judge Mew’s words, mostly because he couldn’t hear them to begin with, he could at least trust Nova’ and Mhynt’s judgment. And if they trusted Mew, then why shouldn’t he?

“I guess there’s some small comfort in knowing that if Mewtwo was truly planning something heinous, then Mew wouldn’t have any reason to hang out with him and he would’ve tried to interfere with those plans by now…”

Silver drifted back to silence, his gaze pointed low and unfocused, and he huffed in annoyance. “I… I dunno, really! Nothing makes much sense to me, but it might be my bias and personal experiences speaking.”

He shook his head and gazed at Nova, barely suppressing a chuckle when he saw the chimera scratching his left side. “Still! This talk with Mewtwo can’t come soon enough. I’d like to give him the benefit of doubt and hear his side of the story. And who knows? Maybe we could even form an… unlikely alliance.”
"I don't really know how much talking there'll actually be," Nova admitted. "Only thing I've planned was to call the guy out. Say he's a Giovanni. Either he already knows we're assuming that because he's a powerful psychic... or he's just a straight-shooter and this is getting to the point with him." Like some bizarre secret test of character.
Silver shrugged casually. That didn’t really sound like the ideal scenario, but he wasn’t going to be fussy or picky. Extra information was still extra information.

“Heh, I’d be content with that. A confirmation would be greatly appreciated, no matter whether he confirms or denies that he’s Giovanni. One less concern to worry ‘bout.” He sighed and crossed his arms, resigned to the long wait before he could put his mind at ease. “Still, there’s no harm in being a little cautious. As you said, he is a powerful psychic.”
“Well, for starters, I’m not gonna beat the living tar outta him if he turns out to be Giovanni,” Silver said, smirking haughtily. “I can hold a civil conversation without throwing hands, if I have to.”

He looked away, his smirk waning. “But in all seriousness, I dunno exactly what I’m looking for or how I’m gonna approach him. Maybe all I need is some reassurance that he won’t become yet another pain in our arses in the future. We’ve got our hands and paws full already with Mr. Runaway Birdbrain and those entitled human groups.”
"Right." Nova sighed. "Well, I'm at least looking for answers as to just what he's up to with Gerome's son." His head crest fanned out, then tightened. "If this kid's really some brilliant inventor, we could use those skills. Figuring out stuff like, y'know, a way to cure shadows."
“Ah, yeah. That kid’s whereabouts.” Silver frowned, mildly concerned. “I hope he’s doing okay. His parents must be worried…”

A young inventor and a way to cure shadows… When he thought about those two concepts together, a faint memory prodded from the back of his mind, trying to break free. And then, the recollection resurfaced all at once in all its clarity, making Silver blink.

“Hm! There’s something like that in my world, now that I think ‘bout it. A way to cure shadows, I mean! Some guy, a certain Doctor… huh… Krane, if I’m not mistaken, had developed a machine to purify Shadow Pokémon.

“Alas, the news didn’t specify how that machine works, but if such a thing exists and this kid is as brilliant as you say,” he rubbed his chin, his gaze turning contemplative once again, “then yeah, it might be possible that he could create something similar in this world, too. But we gotta find him first.”
"I... don't think he's missing," Nova assured Silver. "From what it sounded like when we saw Mew, he was taking the kid to see Mewtwo, then bringing him back. So, he's probably still around with his family. I just want to know what their relation is before I try anything."

He still wasn't sure if or when Gerome should get involved in this.
Silver exhaled a deep breath, relieved. “Ah, good to know! Sorry, but with that strange language barrier that makes me literally deaf to Mew’s speech, I kinda thought that Gerome’s kid had been kidnapped or something!”

He chuckled awkwardly, feeling embarrassed at that misunderstanding. It was nobody’s fault that some pieces of information ended up lost in translation, but jumping the Sharpedo wasn’t probably the best course of action, anyway.

“Well! I guess the only way we can find the answers to all those questions would be by meeting Boss Kitty himself. Hopefully, he’ll be in a good mood by then.”

Otherwise, dealing with a psychic’s wrath would be… terrifying. Kinda wish I was a dark Sneasel now…

Silver stretched his muscles and shook his body, the fatigue still lingering as a sore spread sensation. “And with that, I’m off. Thanks for… listening to me. Y’know, ‘bout my whole family situation.” He grinned and motioned to the tumbleweed with his head. “Enjoy the rest of your walk with your lil friend! And… see ya around!”
Boss Kitty? That sounded like the kind of name that punk toxtricity on the team fighting him back home would come up with for Gene.

"You're welcome," Nova said. "I'll, uh, hit you up via Betelephone if and when we plan on talking to Mewtwo again."

The talk had proved enough of a rest that Nova could draw on that well of psychic power to push the tumbleweed along. He continued down the road, wondering just how this would end up going. It felt like yet another mystery that would create more questions once they were able to dive deeper.

Ch05: The Hells Back Home (Nova & Andre)
Andre wasn't quite sure what to do with what he'd remembered of his human life last night. On one hand, he was glad he knew more, but on the other, it brought with it a sense of dread. He would have to go back to that situation when he was done with Forlas. He would have the responsibility of resolving that situation. Could it even be resolved?

He trotted through the square in thought, his hooves clacking on the stone, until he spotted someone familiar - Nova. Maybe he could spare a quick chat, give him some advice. After all, Nova knew what it was like to have a bad situation back home...

"Hey! Nova!" he shouted, forcing himself to smile for the encounter to start off well. He also shouldn't just jump into the subject. Actually, he did want to ask about something before that, anyway... "Heard you were part of the lab crew in the Blaguarro raid. How'd that go?"
Property. Property. Property. Were any of the signs hanging up advertising property?

Nova sensed the aura after he heard Andre's voice. His ESP still needed work, then. He nudged the tumbleweed by his side as he pivoted right.

"It's... complicated," Nova responded. "We took out the machine making the shadows... except the source was Forlas' native type: null. Modified to produce shadows." He sighed and glanced at the signs. "I'm trying to find a place where they can stay."
"Stable, I think?" Nova said. "What comes next is the hard part. It'd be nice to cure them." He sat and angled his head so the light glinted off his golden electronic parts. "Help them break their mask."
Andre nodded. "Hope that works out."

He paused in thought. Was it too early to bring his troubles up? Or should he just do it? Nova always struck him as a more straightforward kind of person, so maybe he would just appreciate that...

"Listen, I was hoping to talk to you about something that happened to me last night," Andre said. "You seem like somebody that would have some insight on the subject. Is that okay?"
"Something happened?" Nova looked concerned. Where had Andre been during the raid? "What is it? Do you think it's related to the raid?"
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