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From an old friend

Formerly Furret

New member
Hi everybody! It looks like this forum doesn’t get much activity these days, but wanted to leave a message anyway, as well as see what the old crew is up to if that’s keen.

It was surreal to remember TCoD the other day, visit it, and realize it’s still here and kicking. Major kudos to Butterfree for keeping this reminder of how fun the internet used to be alive. (Social media homogenizing internet communities really sucks.)

I was an active member under many names (one of many parts of my tenure here that makes me cringe in hindsight). If you remember me at all, it’s probably as AuroraKing or Furret. I think I was mostly known for the severe amount of middle-schooler drama I brought, but the truth is I remember being a regular here fondly. I met so many people who shaped the path my life took, and I deeply appreciate how tolerant you were of a kid who didn’t have much about life (or himself) figured out.

I’d love to know how everyone is doing these days, even if you don’t remember me. If you want to catch up individually, feel free to message me for contact info!

As for me: I believe the last time anyone here heard from me, I was just entering college in in 2011. I’ve since lived in Frankfurt, Germany; Washington, DC; and am now in Southern California, where I work as a mobile app developer in the gaming industry for Big Console. (Apropos of this, feel free to add me on PSN if you’re gaming there! I’m ArcMoogle.)

My love for programming was also fostered by this community — the fan sites we slaved over and then abandoned, the personality quizzes, the sprite edits. Just another thing I owe Butterfree & the TCoD crew :) I spend most of my days working with React Native, Kubernetes, and GraphQL… but I still really miss the rat’s nest of divs and css files we all used to make for fun.

Really, when I reflect on it, the time I spent on the forums or #tcod in my formative years are some of the most important I’ll ever have. You all affected my career trajectory, politics, outlook, and even self-identity in really positive ways. What a privilege to have shared that weird time in the social web’s infancy with all of you. (And shoutout to Butterfree for putting up with all of us.)

That’s all. I’m hopeful to hear from some familiar names, but I understand folks probably only check this forum sporadically, if at all.


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Hey! Good to hear from you again - I was delighted last time you got in touch briefly and it always warms my heart to see others remember the site and community so fondly.

I'm absolutely still kicking, though the forums have been pretty dead like a lot of forums these days (apart from the lively RPG my friends are running; you may be able to see some of the RP threads in the recent activity). Got a lot of stuff on my plate but I still find time for my beloved Pokémon geekery and April Fools' Day shenanigans! I too miss the bygone era of fansites, but I will keep it alive as long as it takes.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hey! I'm pretty sure you recommended Nirvana to me when you were like 12. Glad to hear you're doing well.
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