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Hamilton Musical Mafia 2021


the dave of guy
xe/xem (plural)
Night 0 begins now, but please feel free to discuss in thread what time would be best for everyone for Day 1 start. Currently I would like to put it at 6 PM EST on Tuesday, but if that doesn't work/needs adjusting it's totally flexible.

You should all have your full role PMs by now. If not, or if there's any confusion, give me a heads up.

Town wins when only town-aligned players are alive. Mafia wins when they equal or outnumber the town.
Don't chat in private DM's out of thread.
Don't talk during the night phases (obviously night 0 is a bit of an explicit exception)
Once you're dead, don't post in thread or react to game-relevant posts.

I think that's about it! Bonne chance, everyone!
If by "EST" you actually mean "EDT" (so 10pm UTC), then sure, that works for me!

How long are days/nights going to be?

Also, due warning that I will probably be far less active than usual because I have 11 days left to write my thesis
iiii forgot i was playing this game but hopefully that'll be okay! i am typically asleep anytime from 3 to 7pm pacific time (so 6 to 10 eastern), but if people are okay with me being possibly-asleep during day start i'm perfectly fine with it!
Actually, to avoid ambiguity about what posts are game-relevant or not (because i really don't want to deal with grey area stuff and i find judgement calls stressful) I'm gonna do a last minute rule change and say if you are dead, do not react to any game posts at all. And don't post in thread obviously.

Start of day is in about an hour, if you still have a night action to send in you have time!
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slow gamestart huh

i think i may be putting a few things together but im not sure if bringing them up is a good idea or not lol
i dont think any of the players are outright dead rn

idk what effect that has though
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