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How do RPs work?


How do RPs work? I've been reading some, and they just seem REALLY LONG AND CONFUSING. COULD THEY EXPLAIN?


sandsnom was mafia
hehe, it's short for Role Play. rps work by having everyone contribute a character (or more) to a story!

at their most basic, usually there'll be a prompt or story starter. Then the person who created that (created the RP) will accept forms from other people detailing characters they'd like to play in the RP. once the creator decides there are enough characters or is just ready to go, everyone starts roleplaying - you control your character and their actions to play through the story, or just run around and have fun. some people are trying to bring back the RP board!

there are some rules involved, which I'm sure are stickied around the RP boards. you can look at those and see if you want to join in :D