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How to confuse an idiot

MaltesersAreYum (A comment on the video from YouTube) said:
Huh? why wont it work. i reinstalled windows reinstalled firefox deleted IE incase that was infecting my computer OMG why wont it work for me :( i wanna watch it its fckn 5 stars y wont it work for me grrrrrrr
Best. Comment. Ever.


Judgemental people GTFO
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Its from the pokemon anime!
(this message is sent towards the bad amourshippers, mind you. sadly, this seems to be most amourshippers in general....)

Hi, Amourshipper! Who is the Kalos queen? Well, my, look at that, her name is Kerena. Note thats Serena spelled with a K. I swear i'm not making fun of you. You're welcome. Korrina is hot!

^ :P