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How would i do a ROM hack.


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Ask; Try She/Her
Hellloooo! I have carefully thought out my plans for a pokémon USUM ROM hack. I'm excited about it. I just have one problem. How would i do a ROM hack? if anyone knows how, help would be super appreciated.


A chickadee in love with the sky
I don't know a lot about ROM hacking but the link that myuma posted seems to have a lot of good resources!

Also, from what I've seen created, I'm not sure you can make a hack of USUM or any 3DS/DS game as a casual user. Most ROM hacks I've ever seen have been FireRed, Emerald, or Crystal!


formerly kokorico
3DS ROM hacks definitely exist (example), but you're not going to get very far without a decent amount of programming experience. Like Sandstone-Shadow said, the easiest base to start from is probably one of the GBA games, like FireRed or Emerald. There are a lot of great resources at The Pokécommunity that can help you get started!