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[I do Requests!] Sprite Warehouse!

Are any of these good?

  • They're pretty good!

    Votes: 10 66.7%
  • Meh.

    Votes: 3 20.0%
  • *gouges out eyes with fork to avoid looking at sprites.

    Votes: 2 13.3%

  • Total voters

guy standing behind you

Trying to be active again!
Yeah, I'm not that good. I only really do small edits to sprites. I only recently learned how to make non-sucky outlines. I'm working at getting better at recolors. Yeah. Comments appreciated. You also might see some of my work floating around as Fish Jumpers Adoptables.

-Some Kinda eggs.

-Some variety of gem. I actually like this one.

-Dubstep treecko line. I'm gonna get an egg for these guys soon.


- Egyptian Cubone Line. I really like these guys.

-Purple Variation of the Dusknoir line.

-My Jirachi. Please turn away now.

-Glitched egg. YAY!


Not sure if this kinda sprite has a name, but I call them neons:

I make these guys at the same time as the neons. They're called silhouettes.


If you want to request something, feel free. Requests (as of right now) fall under four types: Cutom (such as the dubstep guys), recolor, neon (comes with extra silhouette guy), and trainer. Use this form:
*Type of request.
*What sprite, with what gen it's from.
*What edit you want me to make. Please be as specific as you can here.

Thanks! I would appreciate comments very much!
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guy standing behind you

Trying to be active again!
I'll work on that. It might be too hard though. I'll give it my best shot.


And also made this because I thought it looked cool:
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he, they
Do you do revamps/devamps?
Either way, I'd like to request...
Type: custom
Pokemon: Shiny Kirlia (BW)
Edit: remove the orange things on its head, then give it dark blue stripes on head and legs only.



oops, did it again
Your neons seem popular. And I like that Egyptian Cubone. So I request a neon Egyptian Cubone.

guy standing behind you

Trying to be active again!
@LL: Alright. I'll get started.

@Dar: That wouldn't be very different from a neon normal cubone. But I'll give it a shot.

I've decided that everyone who requests a neon gets a free silhouette guy too. I'll get Dar's later. I've got to go right now.


I didn't make a silhouette for him. It just looked bad.
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he, they
How come I didn't get e-mails about this place >:(
Welp, time to abuse requests! also why does the dubstep grovyle have no black

Request 1:
Edit= Remove the black thingies on its horns, then recolor the body to light blue and the belly to dark blue.

Request 2:
Pokemon=Shiny Zangoose (does it matter?)