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If you could live in any historical period, what would it be?

When would you like to live, if able?

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I voted chose the 1950's, but to be more specific, I'd want to be in the 1980's :sunglasses:.... I also chose the 1750's for various reasons:scared:....
Specifically in industrialized countries (US, England, etc) where all the cool shit was happening
industrialization, electricity, steam-powered shit

Though.. I kind of just want to visit, maybe stay a few years. I like the present. And the future.
Anywhere that I could change history for the better would be great.

I'd love to assassinate Hitler right before he started World War II and the Holocaust.

I'd also like to hang out with Stalin. But the only language I know is English. I can't even imagine learning to speak, read, and/or write Russian.
1600 so I could practice witchcraft and 'invent' medicine having stolen the recipe from the future so I can make monies! :3 Witchcraft is also very interesting to me and actually studying fact about it would be fun <3
Although meeting Jesus would be cool, I'd like to see what he really did. (lol remembers family guy thing with Jesus x3)
I think there's something really fascinating about every time period in history, but I wouldn't want to live in any of those periods. In any of the time periods listed in the poll I'd probably just be constantly pissed off about the prejudice against women (not to mention other groups). The fashions were kind of awesome between 1750-1820 though.
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