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I just found (searched for) some stuff about TCoD which you may or may not know. It's not for any real purpose, I just had time to kill, I guess...

  • Searching for 'Pokemon Sprites' or 'Sprite Generator' in Google displays The Cave of Dragonflies' sprite generator and downloadable sprites pages in the second or third position.
  • On the Splash page, on the bottom, the image on the left takes you to a page on GameSpy.com that has a small image of construction in it, and the other image takes you to Pichu's World top 100 Pokemon sites. The Cave of Dragonflies is on No. 1 postion, and the only site listed there.
  • The Cave of Dragonflies has had a 2% increase in the percentage of global internet users who visited the site in the past three months. (changes according to circumstance)
  • The Cave of Dragonflies is ranked 58354 in the United States and 71993 in Netherlands. (changes according to circumstance)
  • 80.1% of the users of The Cave of Dragonflies are from the United States, 5.8% are from Netherlands and the remaining 14.1% are from other places. (changes according to circumstance)
  • The average load speed of The Cave of Dragonflies is 1.922 seconds. 56% of sites on the internet are slower and thus, obviously, 44% sites are faster.
  • 251 sites have a link to a pages in The Cave of Dragonflies. (changes according to circumstance)
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The rank is the traffic rank. And The Cave of Dragonflies' Global Rank is, drum roll please, 196212. More info coming soon, all of it will be added to the first post.


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My thoughts exactly. I can't believe there are more Dutch than British members on this forum. xD
...but that does not mean, in any way, shape or form, that there are more Dutch than British members on this forum. For one thing, it's about the site as a whole, not just the forums. For another, it's about visitors, not members. And finally, it's about traffic, not individual people; there could just be a few Dutchmen who are on the site all the time.

Dr Frank

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Gah. That's just what I was gonna write. I'm gonna write it anyhow.

Those Netherlandians, Dutch?, don't have to be on the forum, they'd just be around other parts of the site. And by the way, these statistics change dynamically and should not be taken for final.

Now 79.7% of the visitors are from USA, 6.1% from Netherlands and 14.3% from other places. Also, 251 sites from around the World Wide Web link to pages in The Cave of Dragonflies. It is ranked 60766 in the States and 72364 in Netherlands. Well, that's all I have for now. All info (except for the first two in the first post) courtesy of Alexa.com.

Obviously, it's not like I built some machine giving statistics for whatever website I wish. *shoots self* xp