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Lacuna Labs: Memory Modification Services

if I took three exp off a ninjask and I evolve it again, would the hack offer the chance to get another shedinja?

... would that be abusive?
You could get multiple shedinja that way, yes. Hmmm... I'm going to say that no, it's not abusive. You would make a profit by constantly re-evolving the shedinja, although it would most likely be modest (< $50) from selling the candy and extraneous shedinja (if you chose to do so). However, you would then need to go out and battle enough to get three more EXP each time you wanted to repeat the process (unless you used three candies for the evolution instead, which obviously means you'd be spending money rather than earning). So it is an infinite income generator, but one that's slowed down considerably by the necessity of re-earning the EXP each time. Even assuming that you played only 1vs1's using the nincada, holding a lucky egg, and winning each time, it would still take at least weeks and be pretty boring IMO. I guess if you want to get rich that way, go for it!

Unless I'm missing a loophole somewhere.
other than multiples with everything holding lucky eggs probably being more efficient? not that I can think of.

that would cause more shedinja to exist than ninjask, which would be a bit strange.
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