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Leaving Things Behind


This is just a dumb drabnble I got the idea to do to celebrate Sora being in Smash. Enjoy!

Leaving Things Behind

Sora stared at the letter in shock.

"I'm... I'm in Smash?"

"Smash? You mean that big fight club with all those video game people?" said Goofy. "Gawsh!"

"You've made

He couldn't believe it. How was it possible?

Sora turned to Mickey Mouse. "How is this possible?"

"I pulled a few strings, and so did the guy who runs the club," said Mickey, winking.

"I can't believe it.... Thank you your highness! Me and Donald and Goofy are-"

"Er, there's a catch," said Mickey.

"...What? said Sora.

"Of your closer friends... They're the only ones who can't come with," said Mickey.

Sora immediately looked crestfallen, as did Donald and Goofy.

"We CAN'T?" said Donald. "That's outrageous!"

"And I was really looking forward to seeing you fight the Smash Bros. live..." said Goofy.

"But.. Why?" said Sora.

Mickey sighed. "Everyone assumes I'm in charge," he said, "but unfortunately there are... Other forces I have to answer to. They're inescapable. And as unfair as it is they say they can't go."

"That... That's not fair." said Sora.

"I know," said Mickey. "I wish I could stop it. There's... A lot I wish I could stop."

Sora turned to Donald and Goofy. "I guess... I'll see you when I get back?"

"It... It won't be the same!" said Donald.

"We'll miss ya buddy!" said Goody. Knock 'em dead!" said Goofy.

The three buried themselves in a group hug, Mickey looking on with guilt before 3extending a keyblade and opening a large, glowing keyhole.

"It's time Sora."

Sora broke from the group hug and nodded. "I won't let you down! Any of you!"

And with that he jumped through the keyhole as his friends waved him goodbye.


The reception by the Super Smash Brothers to Sora was mostly very warm. Everyone seemed excited to see him (except Sephiroth, but that was a given) and he honestly felt right at home.

But that hole was still there.

Donald and Goofy couldn't come, and that made the whole thing more bitterswee-

Sora stopped.

Among the Smash Brothjers were a dog and a duck. Curious, Sora approached them.

"Hey, you two seem...."

He stopped. The dog and duck eyed him oddly. Then suddenly the dog jumped on him and bowled him over.

"Hey! Said Sora, bolting upright."

The dog snickered a very distinctive snicker as the duck quacked in what seemed like laughter.

"They do that," said Ken, rolling his eyes.


Then started laughing.

Then started crying while laughing as he embraced the duck and dog. The two were confused a\t first but leaned into it as soon as they realized Sora was giving good pets. Meanwhile the other Smash Brothers stared in shock.
"Does... He normally do this?" the Luminary said to Cloud.

"No but...." said Cloud. He smiled slightly. "I think I can guess why.


So yeah. Y'all know the "Sora takes in Duck Hunt as their substitute Donald and Goofy" meme but I wanted to write a teeny little glimpse into how that would actually HAPPEN. Hope you enjoyed it.
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