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Legendaryseeker99 vs. sreservoir

1 vs 1
DQ: 5 Days
Damage Cap: 41.3%
Banned Moves: Everything that isn't called by Metronome, excluding Metronome itself, of course.
Area Discription: The Metronome Zone

The battle takes place in the well-hidden Metronome Zone.
The whole Zone seems to be endless, and everything is completely white, with light seeming to emanate from both the ground and sky, leaving no shadows but dim enough to be comfortable on the trainers' and battlers' eyes.
A strange pulse seems to echo through this zone, blocking out all moves of a Pokemon except for Metronome, although it does not bestow apon them Metronome if it doesn't know it already. It also negates all energy use for Metronome and the moves called by it.
If a move called by Metronome requires an object to be used (Surf, Rock Slide, Sand Tomb, ect.), the Zone will provide the object until it is no longer needed.

Additional Rules:
Σ Only un-evolved Pokemon can be used, including Pokemon with pre-evo Baby Pokemon in their family. (ex: Cleffa and Jigglypuff would be allowed, but Hariyama would not)
Σ Only Pokemon that know Metronome can be used, although Pokemon only learning it through TM in Gen I are banned
Σ If Metronome rolls Selfdestruct/ Explosion/ any other move that causes the user to instantly faint, reroll until you get an attack that isn't one of those.

Round Nine

Legendaryseeker99 (O)

Eurastar (F) <Simple>
Health: 3%
Status: About to black out. In terrible pain. Confused (mild to moderate). +6 Attack, -1 Speed.

sreservoir (O)

Star (F) <Magic Guard>
Health: 13%
Status: Brutally certain of her victory. Surrounded by Stealth Rock, Embargoed.

Once again taking the initiative, Star raised her arms and waved them to and fro with ominous purpose. As if hypnotized, Eurastar’s eyes followed their motion: back and forth, back and forth… An immense sense of dread settled on the barely-conscious Cleffa, and the air seemed to crackle with tension.

It was only when there were audible cracks that Eurastar realized that it was not merely tension that was thickening the atmosphere. Starkly contrasted against the white of the Metronome Zone, dark grey storm clouds rolled in, so swiftly and suddenly that it was as if they had just been placed there by Arceus. But this power was not Arceus’s – no, it was that of a lesser legendary, though its power was still terribly frightening. Soon, the entire sky was covered with angry cumulonimbus clouds, all sparking and rumbling with a dragon’s rage. Eurastar, who had been gawking at the furious heavens, looked back at Star: the Cleffa was in a trace, waving her fingers with the same, dangerous tempo, her irises a flat yellow and the rest of her eyes glowing red. The sight pricked at Eurastar’s memory uncomfortably. There was only one legendary with eyes like that, and it was –

A great fork of lightning stabbed downwards from the sky.

Wounded as she was, Eurastar could barely muster the energy to stand up, but she managed to crawl backwards rapidly, real fear coursing through her. She wanted the battle over with, but not like this, not at the hands of a fellow Cleffa wielding the power of a demigod. Deafening crashes echoed through the arena as yet more lighting was thrown to earth, dotting the landscape with brown-black discs of burnt ground. Eurastar cowered, terrified that a column of electricity would engulf and vaporize her, but the lightning didn’t seem quite interested in her. Instead, each strike was closer to Star, until the Cleffa was surrounded by lightning, striking so frequently that she was enveloped in an almost-solid pillar of electricity. Suddenly, in the distance, there was a tremendous roar. As if in response, the energy changed from pure white to electric blue. It began to curve inwards, as if intending to spill onto Star’s head like a supercharged waterfall – but it never quite made it, as a sort of circular barrier protected the Cleffa. In the end, Star was surrounded by a sphere of livid blue electricity, crackling and writhing and leaping. The Stealth Rocks, stubbornly trying to remain around Star, were tossed away in the face of the fury of Zekrom.

By this time, Eurastar had backed away a respectable distance, and she prayed fervently that the attack would miss. But distance mattered not to a Unovan legend. The gap between battlers was easily closed with a single leap, and Eurastar could only shriek as she saw the ball of lightning rocket towards her. The scream was cut off halfway as the sphere rammed into her, flooding her body with electricity so every muscle spasmed painfully and every nerve was set on fire. The great wall of power threw the poor Cleffa several meters into the air, only to land with a sharp, painful thump. Mercifully, Eurastar was too weak to endure even the initial impact; she was unconscious before she hit the ground.

Legendaryseeker99 (x)

Eurastar (F) <Simple>
Health: 0%
Status: Knocked out!

sreservoir (O)

Star (F) <Magic Guard>
Health: 13%
Status: ”Fuck yeah." Victorious!

Terrain notes
Metronome has produced a large chunk of magnetic metal, a pool of water, and a pool of toxic sludge with eggshells resting in it.

Final notes
Star used: Fusion Bolt.
Eurastar fainted on the first action.

Their fury spent and their duty fulfilled, the storm clouds had already begun to recede. By the time the orb of electricity that contained Star touched back down on the ground, the clouds were almost entirely gone. Abruptly, the lightning faded, and an exhausted, battered, but proud Star tumbled onto the floor. sreservoir ran to his Cleffa and scooped her up in its arms, whooping with joy and delight. It was difficult to imagine a more spectacular finish to a battle.

Meanwhile, Legendaryseeker99 recalled his own Cleffa, praising her for the Roar of Time she managed to coax from the threads of reality. She didn’t win, but that wasn’t the point of Metronome battles; Eurastar had caused her fair share of carnage. Maybe both trainers were disappointed that no Draco Meteors or Judgments were summoned, but two legendary signature moves was hardly a bad haul.

The battlers turned towards the referee, who, to their surprise, was cowering on the ground with wings covering her head. A snout peeked out from behind the feathers. “Is it over?” came the quavering voice. The trainers burst out in laughter as they realized that the mighty mechanical dragon was scared of thunder. The referee was upright in a flash, teeth bared threateningly, but the battlers simply would not stop laughing. With an irritated huff the dragon threw some money on the ground – let them divide it themselves – and flapped off, fuming.

The battle is over and sreservoir is the winner. It gets $8 for winning, and Star gets 2 EXP and 2 happiness points.
Legendaryseeker99 gets $3, while Eurastar gets 1 EXP and 1 happiness point.
I get $3 for reffing; Denryuu can claim the other $3.
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