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One-Shot Little Miss Know-it-All


tender chimkin nugget
I liked you from the first day. You made me laugh, made me smile when I was down. We joked. around. There was always something that 'clicked' about us.

Or so I thought.

What happened? These days, all we do is fight and argue. What happened to you? It's seems like all you want to do now is bring me down. We used to sit next to each other in class, daydreaming and doodling. Your art was always so much better than mine. It probably always will be! You used to give me tips, encouragement. Now all you give me is criticism and disdain. We used to laugh about how my art was so cute and yours so scary. Now I hide my drawings, fearing your tounge.

The first time I showed you my people, you though they were adorable. Now your face alone tells me how stupid and simplistic they are. Were you always like this, on the inside. Have you always hated me this much?

All those hot days, spent sitting in the shade. Were they just for show? What did you intend? To toy with me? To earn my trust, so you could hurt me for fun? So maybe it's cliche, but it's true. I thought I knew you. But it turns out, you just another Little Miss Know-it-All.