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Lowering evolution requirements/increasing experience?


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Hey all! I've been thinking about this and wanted to get others' opinions. It currently takes between 3 and 6 battles in order to fully evolve a lot of stage 3 Pokemon. In the height of ASB, this was probably a reasonable amount of battles, but these days it seems like an impossible number (AND you would have to use that same Pokemon in all of them). I feel like ASB might be more exciting if it was easier to evolve Pokemon?

What do others think about this? My scattered, improvised ideas for implementing this include:

-An item like the Lucky Egg that grants 2 extra exp upon entering battle
-An item like the old-school Exp Share that provides 1 exp point to the holder when the trainer sends out any other Pokemon
-An item like the new-school Exp Share that grants all other Pokemon in the party 1 exp point when the trainer sends out any other Pokemon (this might be a bit too much since we can have 10 pokemon in our party)
-Special promotions where all exp is doubled or something?

There was a time a while ago where a lot of exp requirements were lowered across the board, so they probably wouldn't be lowered again, I think.

We do have a Lucky Egg item! Everyone and their mom's Pokémon used to be holding them at one point. There is or was an Exp. Share item that worked in some weird way that wasn't really useful, iirc? edit: here; it like, resulted in experience just kind of disappearing in some situations, which kind of sucked and I don't think anyone actually used it.

I would definitely support special promotions where exp gain is increased. I might also support something like the new-school Exp. Share... maybe that could be the promotion, actually.
We do have a Lucky Egg item! Everyone and their mom's Pokémon used to be holding them at one point.
Yeah! But even with the Lucky Egg, you'd need a minimum of three battles to be able to get any fully evolved starter; with the low number of battles we have nowadays, that seems like a lot of battles to have to use the same Pokemon. Like... just speaking for myself, I've only been in three completed battles (one of those was a DQ and one was the Metronome brawl) and I've been here a while haha.

[edit: no wait I guess it could be two battles if you sent out, had Lucky Egg, and knocked out an opponent both times. but if you don't knock out a pokemon, then you have to have an entire extra battle for one tiny experience point]

I feel like that Exp Share item could be revamped to just straight up like "this Pokemon gets an experience point as if it entered battle" without doing all the math behind it, but I don't know if that actually makes it any simpler. I kind of feel bad that most of my suggestions amount to "this would only work if Trinket made it work in the database" haha.

[edit again: I reread the current Exp Share item description and I don't think that's helpful, yeah. having a Pokemon battle without earning experience doesn't seem to... help this problem :P]

I do feel like it might be a liiitle overpowered if all of your party Pokemon can gain an Exp point - maybe like three of them or something? Or one per pokemon you send out? Again, this is probably another "what's the database capable of doing so it runs smoothly" question haha.
I think we should increase the money gained in battles. If you aren't a ref you earn money really slowly and i don't have the patience to wait that long for a larvesta.
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