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Minimal Flavor Mafia signup thread


blame telegram
Guess what!

I'm running a mafia game!

Guess what else!

Writing flavor is the part that's hardest for me! So I'm not gonna do that!

Introducing Minimal Flavor Mafia, the game where I don't write much flavor, and you all play as a bunch of things that don't have much flavor! Roles may or may not include such things as water, uncooked rice, and the inside of your own mouth!

I plan to use the NewD3 MafiaScum setup for this game, simply because I think it'd be fun to have a more relaxed, less role-madness-y game for once since we don't do that here often. The linked page provides all details on how NewD3 works, but in short, it requires exactly nine players, most of whom will be vanilla roles. Two mafia, seven townies. Dead players will flip with their faction and flavor publicly visible, but not their mechanical role.

Rules will be the same as when I ran Cats (2019) Mafia many moons ago:
  • The usual mafia rules: You may only post in the game thread during the day phase, dead players are not allowed to continue posting/private communications, etc.
  • No out-of-game-thread communication is permitted except for the mafia. I'll set up a group PM here on the forums for the mafia.
  • Please do not screencap your role PM. (The rule against directly quoting from it is not necessary in this game since I'll be using the NewD3 role PMs, so you'll all know the exact text of all the role PMs except for each other's minimal-flavor flavor.)
  • In-thread votes will be accepted only when formatted in bold. You can also unvote, vote to abstain from yeeting anyone, or vote to extend the day phase by 24 hours (maximum one extension per day phase). At the day's deadline, votes will be tallied and the plurality/majority of votes will be enacted. Ties will be broken by random number generator.
  • Please do not abuse the react feature. That includes living or dead players using reacts on old or recent posts for the purpose of surreptitiously conveying hints.
Barring consensus otherwise, I'd like to run with 48-hour day phases and 24-hour night phases. Barring IRL disruptions, I'd like to set phase changes at 2pm in my time zone, Central US time (aka 3pm Eastern US, or 7pm UTC for now/8pm UTC after the US ends daylight saving in early November if the game lasts that long).

Providing we get the nine players we need, the game will start Tuesday, Oct. 18. Please reply if you'd like to join the game or spectate in graveyard chat!
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Thought id say im keeping an eye 😊😊 unlikely ill be able to join in the end tho hahha, VERY unfortunate timing for me

Signups so far:

1. @Zero Moment
2. @Butterfree
3. @qenya
4. @mewtini
possible interest: @Zori , @Happy

Still seeking to fill the remaining slots! Now that I'm back in town, I can start the game immediately whenever we get all nine slots filled. If we can get closer to nine but can't quite reach nine, I'll find a smaller agreed-to-be-fair public setup to use instead of NewD3.
Well, I'm sorry to say with this little interest, I don't think this game will be possible. Let's put it on hold until/unless activity picks back up and more people are playing mafia again.
sorry for the disappearance fam!! at least I held to expectations 🤣😅 Now in please whenever you happen to come by again & r keen to run it 🙂🙏
will try to get on record if a while (like 3 months while) passes & im no longer available again; doesnt seem itll be an issue currently
Can always reconfirm if theres been a gap & youre not sure 😊
Thanks so much!!!
i wanna see this game happen and id be in a good spot to participate now that its not Everything Happening So Much October in my life :)
Im On The Ground. My Hands R Clasped. I Bow My Head

[I am praying for this game to get more mfing signups]
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