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My site

Firstly, the good great stuff:

- Your layouts are really, really nice-- I quite like them. They're easily better than /a lot/ of Pokémon fan sites on the net. I also like the fact that you've done them with divs, but that's just me.
- I think it's cool how you've set the style switcher images, using edited Pokémon type images from the games.
-Your graphics (such as the avatars and signatures) are high quality, and look good.
- I also like how you've added an example to each individual palette on your 'palette' page.

The stuff that could improve:

-Obviously you need more content, but you probably know that already.
-You should make sure that those people stop spamming the news, because it /could/ turn first-time visitors away.
-Your spriting tutorial could probably go into a little more depth by walking the reader through the process a little more.

But mostly, I like what you've done so far with your site :D
Will Absol - Sure. o.o;
Nick - I knew about all that stuff I could improve. :< Maybe I needed for someone to tell me that. xD

Anyway, thanks. Much appreciated.
Maybe, Forgotten, you're looking at this quick links bar, rather than his /very/ annoying button navigation thing, where you have to click the "Click here for Nav" button to actually see all the links to his content.
Spriting techniques? Maybe making chaos (or whatever they're called (those things from sonic and people stick on Pokémon looks)), if you can make them?
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