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Negrek vs. Zhorken

This seems like the worst idea but I guess I'll go with Djalène

EDIT: Also for the future I'm totally okay with actually being held to the DQ! I only use the extra time to procrastinate.
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Superb work, Mudkip. Ready for round two?

Use aqua jet to accelerate a dive into the deepest recesses of the simulated water, well out of Djalène's reach. Then get resting, my friend.

Aqua Jet + Dive (down) ~ Rest
Is he trying to hit Djalène on his way down or not?

EDIT: Also uh are you trying to energyfaint? o_o wait no I forgot bulbasaur doesn't make Rest happen all at once.
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I wouldn't interpret it as such, given "Use aqua jet to accelerate a dive into the deepest recesses of the simulated water".
Well, I guess the stall-and-snipe plan was too obvious. It was so awesome, too. >:(

So, uh. If water won't mess with your signal, use Psych Up; otherwise... use... Nasty Plot. Then the weakest Sub you can manage, then Sunny Day.

Psych Up/Nasty Plot ~ Substitute (10%) ~ Sunny Day

(Sorry for using the "If it'll work" workaround again; I just left it too late to ask. x_x I'm at least mostly sure it'd work in the games, given that it doesn't stop for Protect or Subs, either, but I don't know what that's worth here.)

(EDIT: Turns out it doesn't work, at least not in B/W.)

2015 EDIT: 1 exp/happiness for Meliko (now Delphi); 2 for Mudkip; $4 for both of us; bulbasaur gets $2. Any reffings bulbasaur might want to claim if he returns should be claimed separately.
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