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Frontier Town Nina's Place

"Now where have I heard that before?" Bellatrix quietly asked herself, not realising that she was beginning to space out. The term 'pokémon wielder' had rung a distant bell. She had been familiar with the concept of a trainer, even in the depths of her emptied memories.

After a bit of an awkward pause, Bellatrix snapped herself back to reality. "Perhaps, but the principle stands," she countered. "It's not what it is but who uses it and the purposes behind it. Pokémon themselves are beholden to a similar principle from the stories I have heard. As you just said, there are some who will train alongside them as partners and other who will see them as tools or weapons to be wielded."
"Yeah." Nova looked down blankly at his sandwich and blinked a few times.

"Wait, you do have humans in your world? I figured you'd be from somewhere more like Mhynt's world. Or maybe Isidora's..."
"No," Bellatrix answered. "The world I came from is similar to this one, with no humans and plenty of Mystery Dungeons. Humans are, however, a bit of a legend there although the stories surrounding them are... odd." She leaned forward. "There, the word for 'human' and 'demon' are one and the same and the presence of one is said to bring forth chaos and disaster and yet, there is a long extinct precursor race that is revered for their technology, the remnants of which are used to power my world to this day, although to a much lesser degree. Now, I cannot say that the two are one and the same but from what I have seen and heard, I have my theories."
"I suppose so," Nova said. He took a rather large bite of what was left of his sandwich. "Though I've seen and known some pokémon that can build some wild machinery."
Bellatrix sipped her drink having finished her meal. "Indeed, I can see it for myself here on Forlas. Perhaps one day my world will receive that level of technological advancement without the need to scavenge." She gave Nova a polite nod, beginning to feel the strain of maintaining an illusion for so long, something Nova could see if he looked closely. She may have gained a new breadth of power over them but she was still very much a novice in the grand scheme.

"Your world sounds fascinating, I would enjoy hearing more when I have more time," she said, eyeing her cider. There wasn't much left in there, so if she could just finish it quickly...
Nova polished off the last of the sandwich. "It's, uh, a hell of a place. In more ways than you can imagine." He nudged the empty plate across the bar counter, then placed the necessary coins beside it.

"Good talking with you. Hope you get some rest." He stood up and winked. "Y'know, from your earlier training."

Nova turned and headed for the exit.
Nova received an appreciative nod in reply as Bellatrix's own form of waving him off while she finished her drink. She had already paid for her food and drink upfront so she could speed off immediately the moment she was done. She was eager to continue her illusion training once she managed to regain her strength. Who knew what she could learn while privy to a surprise conversation with another Wayfarer or another stranger?

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