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Old Milborough Manor


The Misdreavus smiles and nods, pleased with herself. Then you catch her!
There's not much left to see in this room. You can mess with the piano some more, but curiously, it doesn't seem to actually work as well as you thought it did. It's more damaged than it initially appeared to be.

current inventory: 1x Pokeball, gastly (F) banette (M) misdreavus (F), Charcoal

Ignoring the poor piano Phantom left the room. One ball left, she sighed, I better pick something good. But I am curious about this place. She glances at the door across the hall. Taking a deep breath she crosses the hallway, Cato at her heels as she turns the doorknob and enters.
The Parasect promptly scuttles away, his work here being done. You feel a tapping on your shoulder and turn around to see Crackle! He appears to be intact, thankfully.
Looking around from where you are, you can see the barn where you started, as well as a forest and the mansion itself.

current inventory: 3x Pokeballs, litwick (F), Odd Incense, Tinymushroom
What in the hell were you thinking you absolute complete idiot-
Crackle and uv walk slowly towards the mansion without really thinking. The lucario hounds uv mentally, but she isn't really listening. Covered in dirt and staring blankly at everything around her, she feels like she'd better just keep walking while Crackle gets it out of his system. All of the things that have happened today -- going down into the creepy basement, being buried alive, getting dug out from the ground by a giant scary fungus bug -- none of them have really sunk in yet. She was mildly surprised, because she was the sort of person who jumped when literally anything brushed against her unseen. She wasn't exactly easily scared, just high-strung. Crackle wasn't really afraid of anything, in contrast, he just didn't like being a babysitter.
Oh well, she thought. Something her therapist could hear about in a few years.
Crackle exhaled deeply, done with his rant. Everything he'd said seemed to bounce off of her (nothing unusual when he was angry with her), but he still felt better afterwards. You're my trainer, not the other way around! he finished. I shouldn't have to look out for you all the time!
uv kind of shrugged in a non-committal way. They had made their way to the mansion door without really meaning to. Crackle still felt like the mansion was looking at him, but he guessed it just seemed less scary after literally watching his trainer crawl out of a coffin in the ground. Most things do, really.
uv gripped a doorhandle and pushed open one of the double-doors. She just wanted to sit down, so she could rest for a second and maybe quietly repress everything that had happened today.

(omg sorry I forgot about this for a really long time because uni happened)
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