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Pikachu Pokerus?

Does Ash's Pikachu have Pokerus?

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:thwaps Dewgongeru over the head with Misty's old Paper fan: Don't say Retarded, at least in that context. That PIkachu is much smarter than Ash will ever be.

Back on topic... nah, it's just a Mary-sue. Well, Gary-stu, since I'm pretty sure Pikachu's a guy. NOt just because of DP, but because of that danged Buneary. Seriously.
Probably not, because even though he has lost to certain things (*cough* Wimpy Elekid. *cough*) he's the main charecter's pet/Pokemon/monster/friend/animal/ whatever, so he's going to be stronger than normal. I'm also calling Pikachu a guy. Why? The Buneary theory.

Meowzie-chan;88758.That PIkachu is much smarter than Ash will ever be.[/QUOTE said:
Excuse me?! Nah, just kidding. Not really. Yes I am.)
Pikachu's a guy, probably, and I think he's very powerful. But I think the reason why he can't beat Paul's Elekid is because doesn't Paul say he's been through Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn already also? So his Elekid probably matches or beats Pikachu's strength.
I'm gonna vote 'yes', just 'cuz the idea of pikachu having pokerus and the anime not telling us is an amusing idea to me...
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