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Pokémon Sprite BBCodes


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Pokémon Sprite BBCodes

At the Cave of Dragonflies forums, users can post Pokémon sprites in posts or signatures using special BBCodes.

The basic code is this:


In place of VERSION, insert one of the following:

rs - for the Ruby/Sapphire sprite
e - for the Emerald sprite
frlg - for the FireRed/LeafGreen sprite
dp - for the Diamond/Pearl frame 1 sprite
pt - for the Platinum frame 1 sprite
bw - for the static Black and White front sprite
xy - for the X/Y model as extracted from screenshots
oras - for the OR/AS Pokédex sprite
sm - for a unified Sun and Moon sprite
sm-dex - for the full-size Sun and Moon dex sprite if one exists, otherwise the OR/AS Pokédex sprite
party - for Gen VII party icons

In place of POKÉMON, place the lowercase name of the Pokémon whose sprite you want to display, with all non-alphanumeric characters stripped (the Nidorans become nidoranm and nidoranf). Note that it (and the version) has to be correctly spelled or it will simply result in a broken image. If you want to show a non-default form of a Pokémon, you can use POKÉMON-FORM, replacing FORM with the form name, specified as follows:

#201 Unown: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z, em, qm (note: Unown forms only work for D/P and R/S)
#351 Castform: fire, ice, water (note: Castform forms only work for D/P and R/S)
#386 Deoxys: em, fr, lg (note: As R/S and Emerald only have one sprite of Deoxys each, they are not treated as forms; in FR/LG, the form can be specified as fr or lg, and D/P naturally has all four forms)
#412 Burmy: ground, steel
#413 Wormadam: ground, steel
#421 Cherrim: sunny
#422 Shellos: east, west
#423 Gastrodon: east, west
#479 Rotom: fire, water, ice, flying, grass (note: Platinum only)
#487 Giratina: origin (note: Platinum only)
#492 Shaymin: sky (note: Platinum only)
#493 Arceus: normal, fire, water, electric, grass, ice, fighting, poison, ground, flying, psychic, bug, rock, ghost, dragon, dark, steel, unknown
All Pokémon with both a male and female sprite in D/P: f

Keep in mind that only the Red/Blue/Yellow Pokémon, Teddiursa and Deoxys have FireRed/LeafGreen sprites and only the first three generations of Pokémon have R/S and Emerald sprites.


[sprite=rs]charmander[/sprite] [sprite=e]charmeleon[/sprite] [sprite=frlg]charizard[/sprite]


charmander charmeleon charizard

[sprite=rs]deoxys[/sprite] [sprite=e]deoxys[/sprite] [sprite=frlg]deoxys-fr[/sprite] [sprite=frlg]deoxys-lg[/sprite] [sprite=dp]deoxys[/sprite] [sprite=dp]deoxys-fr[/sprite] [sprite=dp]deoxys-lg[/sprite] [sprite=dp]deoxys-em[/sprite]


deoxys deoxys deoxys-fr deoxys-lg deoxys deoxys-fr deoxys-lg deoxys-em

[sprite=dp]butterfree-f[/sprite] [sprite=dp]arceus-flying[/sprite] [sprite=dp]unown-a[/sprite] [sprite=dp]cherrim-sunny[/sprite]


butterfree-f arceus-flying unown-a cherrim-sunny

[sprite=pt]giratina-origin[/sprite] [sprite=pt]shaymin-sky[/sprite] [sprite=pt]rotom-flying[/sprite]


giratina-origin shaymin-sky rotom-flying

All these sprites come directly from the games so it is safe to use them for editing purposes if you like.
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