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Poketoon (or other yt animations)


Forumed User
Just to have smth to talk about & also I believe theres a lull in the main anime rn. Also I only (nearly) caught up on these recently cuz im never kept up with anything topical

If you havent heard:
Lets talk faves & other thoughts. The virality of the gengar one is what brought my attention to these but slugma is definitely by far my real favourite. What a beautiful adorable piece that actually captures all my favourite things about fanwork - that lived-in feeling that fans are brilliant at capturing. Actually reminds me of a phenomenal artist I kept seeing infuriatingly reposted before someone finally credited them already: Twitter|IG

Back to the official ones, most of the animations are all rly amazing anyway & id have to rank them all equally in terms of finesse, execution & quality. Even the very first which i dont think is anyones favourite i still respect a ton for doing smth rly different

Any other of the yt channel uploads feel free to talk about here too, like pokemon generations, cant be bothered looking if that was posted about at the time hahaha
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