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Power Plant Pokemafia


german brothers
The town uses their brand new invention, the Electrode Punter, to dropkick tbh^2 into the river.

tbh^2 has died. They were mafia.

As they search this one's nest, they find a few notes.

"the one is coming"
"buy milk"

The notes only serve to confuse the rest of the town.

Except for one member.

The remaining Electrode decide, eh, let's just steal the generator and get this over with. Why not? We've waited this long, our evil plan should work without any problems. Right?

As the group approaches the generator, the clock strikes 10:00 PM.

A voice reverberates throughout the facility. "It is now 10:00 PM on Friday. Security guards are now authorized to use deadly force."

Herbe, always seeming to be a bit less round than the rest of the group, sprints over and pulls a lever on the wall. "Administering Damp Aura," a voice says.

With the Electrodes now unable to explode, the Ampharos makes quick work of the rest of the intruders. Nobody would be stealing the generator today. Not if his paycheck had anything to do with it.

Herbe, the sole town in this setup, has won.


german brothers
Role PMs:

You are Ampharos. You are the only member of the town faction. You know that every other player of this game is a Terrorist/Electrode.

Your only goal is to survive to the end of D3. You are the only member aware of the true nature of this game. Should you survive until the end of D3, you will win, and everyone else will lose.

Good luck. You'll need it.
You are Electrode. You are sided with the mafia, though you are not part of the main mafia faction. During the day phase, you are able to use SelfDestruct to blow yourself up, taking someone to the grave with you by saying Explode [playername] in bold.

You win when every member of the Town faction is eliminated.

Good luck.


german brothers
Some of you might have noticed some fuckery going on. At the beginning of the game we gave ourself a few Fuck Points with which to mess with the town to keep up the façade.

We used 2 fuck points to kill Ysabel and one Fuck Point to tell Cojiro that ZM was a threat.


the dave of guy
xe/xem (plural)
When i first got that pm i was convinced that it was bastard, and everyone had a "only u know the truth" pm. Also, did anyone catch my early outgroup soft? I was putting that in my back pocket in case it came down to the wire


formerly kokorico
well blu and I were both extremely pocketed by you, herbe, so congrats on that

question: why did VM flip "not mafia"


The finchiest of widgets
Explode Keldeo
Far off from the plant, on the nearby route, another loud boom rocked the area. The residents of the plant were too worn out after the events that had just transpired there to investigate, but it was later revealed that an Electrode from over there had blown up, taking another Electrode with them, just as it had happened at the plant. How coincidental!

Eifie has died. Keldeo has died. They were both off doing their own thing, I guess.


Well-known member
Good game!
Tbh it was funny to be able to open wolf and do literally nothing for a day. Idk what I expected but it wasn't this. Thanks for hosting RSP!


All is fair in love and war
Darn!!! I was convinced raritini and Trebek would be the last townies! >:o

Well played, Herbe! You sure turned the tables on us :D