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Preferred media


「にがいのは いやだ」って…
What have you tried? What do you usually use? What do you want to use?

I haven't done enough with etching, printing, sculpy, or metalwork to have a good sense of what the medium's like :( Though I'm going to do some etching on wednesday and I've done a little metalwork.

I dislike pottery and hate porcelain. I enjoy ceramics, though! ... Just as long as I'm not using porcelain.

Lately I've been working with enamels and charcoal (not together; that would be stupid). Enamels are fun, though I keep panicking and underfiring my pieces. Fixable! But annoying. Charcoal makes me think of fingerpainting.

Calligraphy pens are fucking awesome. So's my brush pen.

I draw (and shade sometimes) with graphite regularly, and have good sets of acrylics, watercolours, pencil crayons, watercolour pencils, greyscale pens, and crayons. :3 I haven't used crayons in ages, though. I've also some conte crayons but I haven't fiddled with them yet.

My current sketchbook's brown.

shy ♡

whispers in gay
I draw rather exclusively on the computer. I realized recently that my hatred for traditional mediums is probably an autistic thing; they all feel gross and make me dirty and I just can't stand touching them. Clay or pastels or oils or anything are all just so messy and uhg I can't tolerate it at all. The only traditional mediums I can stand are pencils or crayons, but I don't use them often because I'm always on the computer, so it's easier to draw via computer than on paper + crayons/pencils. Plus I prefer the outcomes.

I do have a thing for pencils though... newly-sharpened pencils are just so fun. e_e


Staff member
I have tried: watercolour, acrylic and oil paint, spray paint, ink/vivid watercolour, liquid graphite, oil and chalk pastels, crayons, compact and willow charcoals, conte, pencil, clay, lino printing, pencils, pens, watercolour pencils, and a bunch of other things I've probably forgotten. I like using most of these except acrylic paint, which isn't really effective for much, esp. not on canvas, and spray paint, liquid graphite and inks are generally too messy for me to enjoy using. Lino prints are great but a lot of work and resources, same with clay. Oil painting is fantastic but you really need lots of time to spend on it, which I don't generally have. Generally I use pencils (around 2Bish) or pens for sketches and stuff, but willow charcoal is great fun too. I don't often finish traditional media pieces because I don't really have much space to art. Digital stuff is neat too, I mostly use MyPaint or SAI with a bamboo tablet.

I tend to gravitate towards drawing instead of painting and stuff because it's easy and fast (I draw stupidly fast and get bored quickly; it's a bad habit), so pencil and stuff is generally my thing, but I'm really keen to get some copic markers or bristol board or something and give that a go.

Viki: you sound like you would enjoy oil/chalk pastel drawing! Oil pastels are just like soft crayon and you can smudge them like oil paintings with your fingers. Chalk is okay too but they're a bit fiddly. The ones I've used make more dust in the air than on the drawing. Also also have you tried adding salt to your watercolours? So cool :o


「にがいのは いやだ」って…
I use 9Bs and 4Bs and 4Hs for all of my graphite needs. :3

I forgot to mention I do a lot of digital stuff using GIMP and Inkscape :|b I own a tablet but I don't use it.

Clay is a lot of work and resources? Clay's pretty cheap and afaik it's not too difficult to find somewhere to bum off a kiln. My mum goes to the community centre to do her pottery and uses the kiln and glazes there :Db

See the problem with pastels is that they involve more colour than charcoal and my hands are very shaky so HOW WOULD I MANAGE CRISPISH LINES ; ; I should try them though more

I have not added salt to watercolours! I kind of hate watercolours; no equivalent of undo button. I can fight with enamels or charcoal to fix my hands being stupid but I can't really do that with watercolours. But waaa I'll try it sometime!

Everyone ever should try enamelling; it's awesome.

Blastoise Fortooate

I just got a very few charcoals that have been fun so far. I've also got some acrylic and I'm sure I have some watercolors laying around which I really should do stuff with next time I have time! I've used clay and stuff in the past but it's all been Crayola quik-dri bull that really isn't probably that great, so... I have a sketchbook that I bought in Ohio last Christmas that I use at school when I feel like + have time to art things. I've also got a set of chalk and oil pastels that I really like, although chalk is soooo dusty and messy and oil pastels (even though I love them) are quite smudgy and I'm still getting the hang of them at the moment.

I use Paint.NET to color things and my free trial unsavable SAI to do smudgy things when I have to. The lines are almost always from my scanner since I don't have a tablet. :3