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RBY release for Eshop, Feb 2016


New member
Anyone who saw the Nintendo direct would already know, But for those who don't For the 20th anniversary of Red/Greens release, Red, Blue and Yellow will be released on Eshop, No info on price, are they bundled together? etc. There is Wifi Compatibility, They said that it's virtually unchanged since the GBC games, maybe patched the cinnabar/missingno glitch and the mew/special stat glitch?
I would prefer if they patched the dodgy AI using status move X straight after you use full heal/etc.. aswell as move related things like Toxic/leech seed glitch, focus energy decreasing crit chance, jump kick crash damage, Death Spin (fire spin) and death grip (wrap) on slower pokemon. Would be nice if they cleaned up back sprites although I don't think they will

I think this is a nice way to acknowledge the 20th anniversary
link here if you wanna look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DNf66hfywM
The lack of the next main series game is starting to concern me though....Hoping we get Delta Z or Zeta Emerald that is a followup to both XY and ORAS at the same time


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Staff member
Yeah, I think it's a cool port, but I'm not really interested in getting the games for myself unless they fix some of the issues the old games had (though, to be fair, some of their charm was the bugs and WTFery). Even just the interface is so clunky as to be a real pain for me nowadays--remember what it was like to have to save the game every damn time you switched a PC box? Oy. Bulbanews has info on pricing (for Japan).

I would be very surprised if we didn't get another main series game to go along with this and Go next year; I think they're going to go big for the anniversary. But we'll see.


probably the only american on here 🇺🇸🗽🦅
I was so excited to hear about this. I didn't get to watch the Direct, so i didn't hear about it until the middle of yesterday from someone who suspected i might like pokémon. I never got to play these games (and i only got to play the remakes on an emulator), so i think this will be a really good experience for me. And i don't have to worry about that pesky link cable!


Still loves Joltik, though!
Staff member
I'd definitely assume they will not be fixing glitches and such. As I understand it, Virtual Console games aren't ports; they're just the original game run on a built-in emulator. My bet is the wireless compatibility change involved simply making the emulator pass on wireless data to the game as if the emulated Game Boy were connected to a link cable, without changing anything in the game. If they do fix anything, it'd be stuff that they already fixed in Yellow - I doubt they'll be making new bugfixes to twenty-year-old assembly code.

The wireless addition, being new, could definitely add a layer of protection around the trading and battling functions, though - prevent you from trading or battling with glitch Pokémon, for instance, or handle communication interruptions more gracefully than the original.

In any case, I'm pretty excited about this! I've got ROMs and all, but Pokémon belongs on handhelds. It'll be fun to do a new Yellow playthrough, maybe even an actual Red/Blue one (I have still never actually played through Red/Blue). And if there are other players at the May Expo, there will be so much trading.


Staff member
I'm pretty keen for this! I actually haven't ever completed RBY because i was a bit too young and basically just trained one pokemon, who i also gave all my TMs to (Charizard).