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Richie vs. Braeburn


2vs2 single
Style: Set
DQ: A week
Damage Cap: 48%
Banned Moves: one-hit OHKO's
Arena: Plain.
A plain fieild. No effects.
Other: Nothing.

Team Richie

Chikorita the Female Chikorita
Ability: Overgrow
Item: Sun Stone

Pichu the Male Pichu
Ability: Static

Gastly the Male Gastly
Ability: Levitate

Poliwag the Male Poliwag
Ability: Water Absorb


Team Braeburn

Squirtie the Male Squirtle
Ability: Torrent

Shock the Male Shinx
Ability: Intimidate

Krabs the Male Krabby
Ability: Shell Armor

Drilly the Female Drilbur
Ability: Sand Force

Gravel the Male Geodude
Ability: Sturdy


Richie sends out, then Braeburn sends and attacks, and then I ref.
{Thanks, Mai for this late b-day present}

Go get em, Drilly.

Dig and wait for the Pichu to attack underground. If he does't attack, then use Metal Claw If he does attack, then use Iron Defense.

Dig - Wait for opponent - Metal Claw/Iron Defense
..Uh...What to do, what to do. Your sentence was kind of confusing, so... While she's digging around, create some mud with Rain Dance. Then, just wait for a bit so she'll try a Metal Claw, which you should try countering with Iron Tail.

Rain Dance~Wait~Iron Tail
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