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Safari Zone Stone Shop


he, they
You wouldn't have noticed the dusty old shop. It looks like it's been there forever, nestled into a quiet corner of the bustling Safari Zone commercial center. But you decide to check it out anyway.
A bell chimes as you enter the small shop. You bump into a life-sized Igglybuff sculpture that knocks over a carefully balanced box of assorted stones and other items with a crash. The attendant looks up and hurriedly starts to rearrange the stones as he says,
"Welcome to the Safari Zone Stone Shop! We sell a variety of items, including evolution stones, other evolution items, and statues!
Also, we have a special 'Mystery Box' that will open and reveal a randomised non-legendary Rock-type!"

You squint at a tiny sign labeled "fine print":
Statues are sprite edits of the Pokemon for aesthetic purposes only and may take up to three weeks to make. Shiny rate for Mystery Box is 1/2000. You DO NOT have to pay the $30 Evolution Station fee to evolve your Pokemon.

You make your way over to the much larger "Prices" sign and start to read.
Statues (specify grey stone or black stone): $4

Moon Stone, Sun Stone, Fire Stone, Water Stone, Thunderstone, Leaf Stone: $4

Shiny Stone, Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone, Oval Stone: $5

King's Rock, Dragon Scale, Metal Coat, Up-Grade, Prism Scale, Deepseatooth, Deepseascale, Protector, Electrizer, Magmarizer, Dubious Disc, Reaper Cloth, Razor Claw: $4

Mystery Box: $3
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Move- and location-based evolutions are simply treated as ordinary level evolutions, and the $30 fee in the evolution station doesn't apply if the Pokémon requires an item to evolve. You should probably rethink this a little.
Hmm... I shall take a Mystery Box.

"That'll be $3," says the attendant. He walks over to the shelf with Mystery Boxes and carefully selects a small greyish one with cracks and scratches.
"And it's...


...a healthy male Magcargo!"
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