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Shadow's abandoned facility


I walk this lonely road
You are walking down the paved path in the forest when you notice a side path, being the person you are you decide to walk down. You find an abandoned building there and upon further inspection you realize it is an old Team Galactic building. You are about to leave and hear a noise inside so you go to investigate. The power is out and the whole place is dark, so you figure you should leave. Then you hear a raspy voice[look up gaara's voice]," why hello there stranger, my name is Shadow." then all of a sudden the lights flick on and from the furthest left aisle comes a houndoom. This one is different, he is silver with red bones and dark blue paws, muzzle, and belly. He has a large healed gash over his left eye and standing next to him is a lucario.
"welcome to my humble abide," he says very warmly,"I have 'games' set up for those who come here, for a price."

He shows you a chart[see below Safari Game].
Safari Game: 6x pokeballs to start and no entrance fee
Zone 1( the factory):


Machop riolu timburr meditite tyrogue mankey scraggy mienfoo

magnemite klink pawniard Aron beldum bronzor

gastly shuppet misdreavus duskull yamask litwick golett


machoke lucario scrafty gurdurr throh sawk mienshao medicham hitmonlee hitmontop hitmonchan primeape

magneton lairon skarmory mawile metang bronzong klang bisharp

haunter banette dusclops mismagius golurk cofagrigus lampent


machamp conkeldurr

magnezone aggron metagross durant klinklang

gengar dusknoir chandelure

Zone2( psychic, electric, poison, dark)

munna woobat patrat blitzle trubbish gothita solosis joltik deino larvesta ekans rattata zubat grimer koffing stunky pichu voltorb elekid mareep shinx abra ralts porygon murkrow houndour poochyena

arbok raticate golbat muk weezing skuntank pikachu electabuzz electrode flaaffy luxio kadabra kirlia porygon2 honchkrow houndoom mightyena watchog musharna zebstrika swoobat garbodor zorua gothorita duosion galvantula zweilous

Volcarona hydreigon emolga gothitelle reuniclus zoroark luxray ampharos raichu crobat electivire gardevoir alakazam porygonZ rotom

And while exploring I hae found a Tunnel. This area is not complete, but is still usable.
Zone 3: The Tunnel (Ground, Rock, Ancient pokemon, and now Items!)

geodude sandshrew diglett onix cubone rhyhorn swinub larvitar trapinch baltoy gible hippopotas roggenrola drilbur sandile dwebble

graveler sandslash dugtrio steelix marowak rhydon piloswine pupitar vibrava claydol gabite hippowdon boldore excadrill krokorok crustle Omanyte kabuto anorith lileep cranidos shieldon tirtouga archen

golem rhyperior mamoswine tyranitar flygon garchomp gigalith krookodile Omastar kabutops armaldo cradily rampardos bastiodon carracosta archeops

Zone 4: Full Area Coming Soon! Meadow of Dreams(Big Variety of pokemon) $2 dollar entrance fee due to size

lillipup petilil pidove starly pidgey rattata patrat spoink minun plusle skitty azurill shinx nincada joltik slakoth seedot lotad wurmple zigzagoon magby elekid Darumaka

herdier lilligant tranquill staravia pidgeotto raticate watchog grumpig pansage panpour pansear delcatty marill luxio ninjask galvantula vigoroth nuzleaf lombre silcoon cascoon linoone magmar electabuzz Darmanitan snivy tepig oshawott

stoutland unfezant staraptor pidgeot simisage simipour simisear azumarill luxray shedinja slaking shiftry ludicolo beautifly dustox magmortar electivire servine pignite dewott

SUPER rare:
serperior emboar samurott

Commons=$1 each
Uncommons=$2 each
Rares=$3 each
SUPER rare=$4
+$5 for a pokemon if shiny.
+$1 for any extra pokeballs you buy.

Sorry Cages have been eliminated to make room for that HUGE new area
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Re: Shadow's abandoned building

I'll have a good go at Zone 2
Re: Shadow's abandoned building

Are you using an RNG? When you say "hmm" I got a bit sceptical. No thanks for the pichu.
Re: Shadow's abandoned building

no no no bro you can't just make your OWN encounters you need an RNG for this thing!

I use random.org.

And I must say my way of using the RNG

Set the thing to 1-200

Use another 1-200 thing and if it hits 200 make it shiny
then go 1-2 and determine what gender
THEN FINALLY get the number of the group of pokemon your first RNG selected, and do 1-that number and get the number you generated
T'is what I do but with diff. rarities
Re: Shadow's abandoned building

4x balls left
Pokemon: Porygon Z, gothorita(m)

Aww it's so fluffy, flaffy(female) nonshiny
Re: Shadow's abandoned building

Oh by the way just for a little searching break can I get a go at an Uncommon Dragon Cage?
Re: Shadow's abandoned building

Ok brb, now let's see hmm, (randomly generated but I like to give more text to the cages) oh she is perfect, here you are:
Gible (female)
That would be $2 please
Re: Shadow's abandoned building

I meant like an evolved one bro
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