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Shadow's abandoned facility

Re: Shadow's abandoned building

Well that's all then.
You got:
-Porygon-Z [paid]
-Gothorita(male) [paid]
-Alakzam(male) [$3]
-SHINY Pichu(male)[$1 + $5(for shiny) = $6]
-Zorua(male) [$2]
-Crobat(male) [$3]

Total: $14

Thank you come again, oh and tell your friends.
Re: Shadow's abandoned building

Ok then here you are
*hands over 6 dark balls(like dusk balls)*

You start walking around the factory floor when a
Male duskull appears!

Re: Shadow's abandoned building

But of course here you are
* hands over 6 duskballs Pokeball*

You walk a few steps and:

skuntank female.


6x balls left:

(I cannot get the item sprite for duskball)
Re: Shadow's abandoned building

That's because the Dusk Ball isn't programmed into the system. If you want to put the sprite in, you can use [img]http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/0/06/Bag_Dusk_Ball_Sprite.png[/img] instead.
Re: Shadow's abandoned building

It's alright, if I care enough I will, but whatever.....wanna give my area a try?
Re: Shadow's abandoned building

Sorry bout the delay been in RP forum section:

"here you are," Shadow says handing over 6 duskballs.

First up: male? porygon2
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