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Shining Pearl Snippets


As I.promised, here are all the Shining Pearl ficlets in one, complete onershott. Well, it isn't QUITE complete - there's still one pending, but it'll take a while, so that'll be uploaded as a bonus chapter or revision if/when I complete it.

Who's Who:

-Hanuman: Chimchar line

-Narcissus: Budew Line

-Thetis: Manaphy

-Louhi: Misdreavus Line

--Ea-Nasir: Bronzor Line (Shiny(

-Wepwawet: Riolu line

-Scathatch: Gible line

But prepare for a journey through Sinnoh in...

Shining Pearl Snippets

The Great And Proud Narcissus The Budew Esquire was almost INSULTED.

This "gym leader" that his Trainer had claimed was tougher than the rest was before them now and yet had sent out another measly Geodude? Hmph. He might as well get this over with.

"Your life is mine, plebian!" he shouted, extending tendrils for an Absorb. The Geodude went down immediately. Narcissus laughed as an Onix was sent out in the Geodude's place.

"You think a creature of such girth can beat ME?"

The Onix rolled its eyes as it sent out strange pointed rocks - to the sound of swearing from Narcissus' Trainer -but Narcissus persisted in being self-Absorbed nonetheless. Even the Gym Leader rapidly spraying Potions could not stop him, and the Onix went down.

It was then the dome-headed human sent out a dome-headed Pokemon, and Narcissus was suddenly more intimidated than he cared to admit. He turned to his Trainer, who whispered a plan.

Narcissus spat paralyzing spores as the Cranidos Leered at him (suggestively? The Cranidos wasn't Narcissus' type) causing it to twitch violently. Narcissus laughed again, launching another Stun Spore by mistake and paying for it with a Bulldoze. He was back to Absorb immediately after, before the Bulldoze finally took him out.

Hippolyte the Machop came after. She sneered at the Cranidos.

"You may have taken out my ally, but you have gone far enough."

Immediately she dropkicked the Cranidos with a Low Kick, finally taking it out.

Her Trainer promptly cheered, and Hippolute flexed in the Gym Leader's face. Said Gym Leader gasped..

"What? That can't be, my buffed-up Pokemon!"

Jokes on him, she was more buff.


Hanuman sighed at this "Gardenia"

She acted all high and mighty about her maze and being big and tough, and all she had was this Cherubi? Fine, let's get this over with.

He spun into the Cherubi with a Flame Wheel, taking it out instantly, as expected. He stretched after the attack and yawned.

She sent out a Turtwig, I guess. Slightly more impressive I guess.

Flame Wheel again. It was out cold again. Another yawn.

Roserade this time. More impressive he guesses. Oh Palkia Narcissus is going to be one of th\ose eventually isn't he.

The Roserade surprised him with Stun Spores, causing him to twitch violently. Nevertheless, another Flame Wheel, only to be annoyed when the Roserade gulped down some healing Berries. The Roserade then tried to restrain him with Grass night vines,, but he resisted and used them to catapult himself into the Roserade with a final Flame Wheel, knocking it out.

One more yawn. "Man the rest of the team told me you Gym Leaders were tougher."


Louhi almost pitied the poor Meditite before her

It was standing at the ready, confident, willing to fight, unaware of the terror she would imnflct on him.

Not for long.

She gave an "ohoho as she cast a Hex that inflicted shadowy flames upon the Meditite, knocking it out instant.ly. Her work done, she bowed as best shj could with jno arms and reyturned to her Pokeball, Ea-Nasir being sent out in her place.

Ea-Nasir thought the Pokemon sent out to face him was curious. A Machoke, fists primed. He was amused, but it was no match for the QUALITY bronze of his body.

..O4r so he thought until the Machoke clonked him with a Low Sweep of his foot, sending him spinning. No matter. He blasted it with mental energy with a Psychic. This repeated and the Machhoke proved the loser, falling over with a thud. Bruised, but smug at his victory, Ea-Nasir retreated.

At last, it was Hanuman vs... a Lucario? Those were tough apparently... This could be irritating, Hanuman thought. But they also didn't like fire, and he HAD gotten that new TM at the shop...

The Lucario gave a deafening yowl of a Screech,and Hanuman almost lost his composure. But he quickly regained his composure and belched flames in a Flamethrower, causing the Lucario to yelp in pain and then collapse, smouldering.

Hanuman fistpumped and smiled. He knew he had a good feeling about that Flamethrower TM he picked out.


Louhi shuddered in fear at this creature before her.

A Gyarados, fangs bared, sinuous body twisting... Could she really take it down? Her Trainer was counting on her...

She gathered energy in the orb necklace around her neck and unleashed a Thunderbolt. The Gyaradosd immediately confused and fell unconscious.

...Oh. That was easy.

She cackled and swapped out for Narcis-

No, The Great And Proud Narcissus The RoseliaEsquire, SNEERING at thi is OAF of a Quagsire before him. Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous.

He extended viners to Giga Drain the Quahgsire. It just sort of. Slumped over. As expected.

Next up was a Floatzel, glaring at Narcissus sternly. Narcissus glared back and prepared to Giga Drain agai-

A shout from his Trainer. Narcissus noticed an Ice Fang from the Floatzel as it lunged straight for him. He spun out of the way as the Floatzel almost bit down on him and jabbed the Giga Drain vines into its back, causing it to collapse.

...That was close. Maybe he should give his trainer credit a bit more openly. Possibly. Maybe. He'd have to think about it.


Louhi was de;lighted by this opponent. A Driftblim! Perfect for Thunderbolting.

And Thunderbolt she did, sending electricity crackling through the Driftblim's form. It immediately made a fizzing noise as it deflated.

Next the - frankly fabulous - human before her sent out a Gengar. She immediately wanted to wipe the smug smirk off its face, and conjured darkness in a Shadow Ball to send it right at it. That thankfully did the trick.

Next was - huh?

Another Mismagius?

Now this was throwing her off. A member of her own species was both easier and harder to predict, it could counter her or she could counter it, there were various factors involved in a mirror match-

Fuck it she was just going to Shadow Ball it.

It promptly collapsed like a fragile paper doll. The match was hers.

Well. Maybe she shouldn't overthink things.


Wepawet wasn't sure what he was doing going first.

He wanted to help his Trainer, yes. But he hadn't been even BORN that long ago and also that Bronzor was looking at him kinda funny.

He didn't have to worry long, as he was promptly swapped for Ea-Nasir, who balked. Such low-grade bronze compared to him! The Bronzor promptly used Trick Room, and Ea-Nasir noted he had at least a grasp for underhanded tactics.

But he was no strangere to those. The Bronzor blasted him with a brilliant flash of light in a Flash Cannon, but he countered with a spinning whirl of darkness in a Payback. The enemy trainer tried spraying a Full Restore on the lesser-quality Bronzor, but Ea-Nasir continued his assault, and even a Confuse Ray couldn't stop the lower-qwuality Bronzor from going down.

Wepawet was out again. What was he doing out? That was a big Steeli-

He promptly got swapped for Thetis, who stared up and gasped in awe. The Steelix looked like a FRIEND!

The Steelix promptly tried to Earthquake her, which she leapt over when her Trainer told her to dodge. Oooh, it wants to battle! She summoned a massive Surf wave to slam it with, and it countered with another seismic blast of an Earthquake, this time hitting home. Thetis clapped. This guy was good!

She promptly blasted it with another Surf wave, taking it out.

Wepawet again .Now it was a Pokemon with a shield face! It looked kind of funny.

No matter. He got recalled and replaced again, this time by Hanuman, who promptly got slammed by another Flash Cannon beam of light. He grunted in annoyance - he knew this thing would be a tough nut to crack. Nevertheless he shrugged and slammed it with a Power-Up Punch, only to be gouged by a Stone Edge as the Bastitodon swallowed a Sitrus Berry. Hanuman scowled. Now this Bastitodon was REALLY making things harder than it needed to be.

He yelled "fuck it!" and dove into the Bastitodon's face, fists flying, for a Close Combat. This finally did the trick as the Bastitodon fell over on its side, defeated.

Hanuman sighed. Well that was one semi-literal obstacle dealt with.


Scathatch was strong, tough, a brave warrior nonetheless. But one thing she could not deny: It was COLD.

This Gym was cold, the Hail was cold, the opposing Snowver was cold, hell, even the opposing TRAINER had a chilly air about her. She wasn't sure what to d-

Whoosh. She was recalled and replaced by Ea-Nasir, whose face was buried in an Avalanche of snow. Rude. He retaliated with a Flash Cannon, teaching the Snover a lesson.

Scathatch was back out again. Wait, didn't Wepwawet say they did this with nhim too? It was a training thing apparentl-

And then Wepawet himself was out next, greeted by more snow. This Sneasel was a puny annoyance. Time to crush it.

He cast an Aura Sphere straight at the Sneasel's face.... Only for the Sneasel to dig underground? What? You aren't allowed to dodge an Aura Sphere. That shouldn't be allowed.

Whoosh again. This was a job for Ea-Nasir then! The Dig harmlessly missed his underbelly - nice try - and he blasted the Sneasel with another Flash Cannon that took it out.

Scathatch was back. Okay, it is just the weird training thing, she was fi-

Whoosh the third. It was Louhi's turn and-

What's this? Now she was frozen by this Medicham's attack! Now this was a curse, but on HER!

Thetis was sent out in her stead. Oooh, this gym was a pretty blue color. The Medichasm wasn't though. Weird it didn't match. Let's fix that! She blasted it with a Surf, washing it away.

Scathatch again. Surely it was almost over? This Abamasnow looked EXTRA chill-

Wepawert again. He was promptly hit by a Blizzard that chilled him to his metallic bones. No matter. An Aura sphere should do the tri-

Huh? It was still standing? Was that a Berry? Wait that was an Earthqua-


And now Ea-Nasir was here to clean up the mess. Very well. He blasted the Abomasnow with a Flash Cannon, finally doing it in.

Hanuman needed a bit of a break his Shiny bell-shaped ass. He CARRIED this fight.


Scathatch did not like this man, or his Honchkrow. Trying to ascend to the throne of the gods and take it for themselves to bring al to ruin? Dishonorable.

But at the same time this particular matchup was not her fight... For now.

She tag teamed with Thetis in a flash, and Thetis... Was it "putting up her dukes" Hanuman called it? Either way evil man was going dow-

Ow! That Night Slash hurt! But she had this! She blasted the Honchkrow several times with Ice Beams despite its assault (and a desperate Full Restore and Super Potion sprays from the evil man) and it crumpled to the ground, ice frosted across its feathers.

Next was The Great And Proud Narcissus The Roserade Esquire against - oh no, a Gyarados? Never the mind! As the masterful phantom thief he was he had a masterful plan!

He sprayed the Gyarados with a Stun Spore. It recoiled and bit at him hard with an Ice Fang, but he survived and used the opportunity to Giga Drain it relentlessly until he broke free and finished the creature off witha Sludge Bomb.

Next up, Ea-Nasir against some low-quality Crobat. How did this unstylishly evil man even have a Crobat, didn't he say emotions were for the weak or some Taurosshit? Eh, whatever, It tried to Tailwind but he blasted it with a Psychic that slammed it into one of the pillars, causing it to crumple.

Finally was Hanuman vs. some Weavile. He was sick of evil man's face and if he couldn't punch it, the Weavile would do.

He lunged for the Weavile in a Close Combat, but the Weavile promptly dug beneath the stone of Spear Pillar. He braced himself as the Weavile slammed him with a Dig from below, and then grabbed it and repeatedly beat it into the stone for another Close Combat. Finally it fell limp, unconscious.

Hanuman dropped it and started to celebrate. But noticed something in particular. Even as the Galactic Commander and his cronies raged and left, Palkia stood tall above them all, looking at him and his Trainer with interest. He saw the familiar faces of Lucas and Rowan approach, and spoke of...

A challenge.

Was he the right mon for this challenge? He thought long and hard to himself before turning to one member of his team in particular.

"Thetis? You're up."

Thetis blinked in surprise, then nodded in determination, ready to face Palkia.

Palkia roared in pain. It was scary, but Thetis knew what to do. She had to snap her out of it.

She turned to her Trainer and nodded in understanding before launching an Ice Beam. Palkia tried to counter with an Aqua Ring encircling her body. but Thetis herself countered herself with a Tail Glow. She used Ice Beam again, but then Palkia ripped the space around her open with a Spacial Rend, damaging her heavily.

Then her Trainer threw... a Net Ball? Palkia burst free, but her Trainer threw another, and it shook three times before clicking.

Thetis stared for a second before cheering.

She'd love to get to know Palkia!


Scathatch was ... unimpressed to say the least.

A Raichu? Again? And this was supposed to be the toughest Gym Leader in all of Sinnoh! Whatever, let's just get this over with.

It tried to send a wave of water washing over her with Surf, but the buffeting waters barely phased her. She countered with slamming the floor with a Bulldoze; the Raichu tried to gobble down a Shuca berry and a Full Restore to stave off the damage, but it was still wracked heavily, and as second Bulldoze finished it off.

Sathatch tag teamed with Narcissus, who was up against an Octillery. A Water-Type for an Electric gym leader? Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. He promptly Giga Drained it into submission to show this "Volkner" for his impudence.

Next was Wepwawet vs, an Ambipom. Wepwawet didn't like this thing's face, and he ESPECIALLY didn't like the Fake Out of it slapping him across his face. He remained Steadfast, and thought dark thoughts in a Nasty Plot even as the Ambipom zapped him, then he cast a massive Aura Sphere even a Berry couldn't save the Ambipom from.

Next was a Luxray, which was... Intimidating, but Wepwawet did not want to show it, and besides, he still had power. He cast another Aura Sphere, dunking it over the Luxray's head to finish it off.

And this "Volkner" was having trouble finding tough opponents. Wepawet was glad he and his team could personally solve that problem.


Louhi had to admit, this kid wasn't scared of anything! Very persistent too.

But she looked at his Staraptor and knew she had to taker it down.

She zapped it with a Thunderbolt, but it... Survived? And used Rain Dance. Bad omen. She zapped it again and this time it went down.

Next was Ea-Nasir vs... A Roserade? My, this was almost like punching Narcissus' smug face in!

But of course he didn't opt to punch. The Roserade cast a Grassy Terrain on the ground but he promptly blasted it with Psychic force and it collapsed.

Next was Hanuman vs. a massive Snorlax. The thing towered over him, but Hanuman scowled and promptly started beating fists into it with a Close Combat. The Snorlax groaned, keeling over and almost falling on its Trainer before being recalled.

Next was the Empoleon. Hanuman sighed. The old comrade had come far from their days in Rowan's lab, but his journey must stop him. More beating fists for a Close Combat. Once again the opposing Pokemon keeled over.

Next was Thetis vs- Ooh a Rapidash! She always thought those were cool! Though suppose now she had to knock it out... Oh well! She summoned a massive wave to crash down over the Rapidash in a Surf, washing it away.

Finally was Ea-Nasir vs. Heracross. A tough nut to crack but by Palkia Ea-Nasir would crack it.

But then the Heracross used Theif! Stole Ea-Nasir's mind plate! This was inexcusable! He blasted it with a Psychic. Only for it to survive and attempt another Thief. This unfortunately for it, got itself in range for another Psychic mind blast from Ea-Nasir, and it went down.

Hmph. No one steals Ea-Nasir's high-quality wares.


Hanuman was ready. The Elite 4 was going down, and this Dustox especially was going down.

The Dustox cast a Light Screen to protect itself, but Hanuman had already Worked himself Up. He sprayed a Flamethrower, only to be sprayed back by a Toxic. No good. He had a time limit now. And that Full Restore didn't help. Nevertheless, he kept breathiog a stream of fire, and the Dustox was fried to a crisp. He even got the Poison out of his system!

Next was a Heracross, which Hanuman Flamethrowered again. It survioved, however, and slammed the ground in an Earthquake. Oh o. But he saw his Trainer had an idea.

Quickly he tag-teamed with Ea-Nasir, who took a Brick Break, then another. But he kept a Calm Mond then blasted it wih a Psychic, and it went down.

Next was Thetis vs- Oooh, pretty butterfly! Time to freeze it! She blasted it with an Ice Beam and it fell to the floor as a frozen lump.

Next was... A Vespiquien? Oh no. Bees! She Ice Veamed it again but it managed to sting with an Attack Order. Ouchh.. Another Ice Beam, but the Vespiquien was Acrobatic and hit her hard. Finally, washing a wave over it with Surf took it out. Phew!

Finally was Scathatch vs. a Drapion. Tough, but she could taske it, hopefully. She dashed and whirled in a Swords Dance, even as the drapion Night Slashed her, then went for an Earthquake, knocking the Drapion asunder.

Hmph. Some bugs these were.


The Great And Proud Narcissus The Roserade Esquire felt this seemed simple. A Ground-type Trainer with a Quagsire.He could take care of this!

He promptly Giga Drained it into submission, and it was replaced by A Whiscash, which met the same fate despite a Berry.

Next was Thetis vs,. a Sudfowoodo! She made her Tail Glow but the Sudowoodo slammed her with a Giga Impact. Shne slammed it back with a wall of water of a Suirf, knocking it out.

Next was a Golem which Thetis tried to do the same to - but it survived by being Sturdy! Oh no was that an Earth-

Ea-Nasir had to clean up a mess again. Sigh. The Golem got sprayed with a Full Restore but he just Calmed his Mind and then promptly blasted the thing with Flash Canons until it went down.

Next was a Hippowdon. Ea-Nasir calmed his mind for this more for his- oh no a Cruin-

Now Narcissus had to clean up Ea-Nasir's merss! He Gigfa Drained it, only to be slammed by an Earthquake

That wasn't so simple after all...


Thetis was in awe. Wow, another cool Rapidash! And she was fighting it!

She hit with a Surf, slamming it against the side of the arena with a THUD, and it was replaced with a Steelix! OOh, big.

She promptly made her Tail Glow, but the Steelix bit her with a Thunder Fang! Ow,,, She did the same to it as she did the Rapidash.

Lopunny? Sur- Wait, it survived? Oh no, a Mirror Coa-

Hanuman's turn. Time to show this dumb bunny who was vboss.

The Lopunny got sprayed with a Full Restore, but it didn't matter. Beating the shit out of it with a Close Combat did the trick.

Next was Louhi vs... a Driftblim again? Just like old times! She tried to Thunderbolt it, but it hung on and hexed her with a Will-o-Wisp;! Then it shrunk itself with Minimize! That's CHEATING! Thankfully she survived a Strength Sap and blasted it away with a Shadow Ball.

Finally was Scathatch vs.Infernape. This was weird. It fe.lt like she was fighting Hanuman. But Hanuman would want her to do this. Probably.

The Infernape slammed into her with its fists in a Close Combat, but she remained steady and wracked the ground with an Earthquake. It survived via a combination of a Focus sash it washolding and a Full Restore sprayed on it, but another Earthquake fixed that.

Well, Scathatch HOPED Hanuman was proud.


Ah what was this? Louhi was fighting a Mr. Mime! Witch vs. mime, the ultimate showdown!

She made a Nasty Plot even as the Mr. Mime tried to Reflect, then blasted it back with a Shadow Ball. Alakazam trying to Future Sight? Shadow Ball.

Then it was Scathatch's turn, vs. a Girafarig. She didn't like how that tail-head was looking at her. Nevertheless she Swords Danced, even as the Girafarig cast a Trick Room on the floor.Sathatch got blasted by Psychics from the Girafarig and the Future Sight from the now-fainted Alakazam, but shje toughed it out asndf but down on the Girafarig multiple times with Crunch, eventually causing it to slump over.

Back to Louhi! Ow, that Medichamm! Ow, that Zen Headbutt hurt. But she phased through the next one, concocted a Nasty Plot, then took it out with a Shadow Ball.

Finally was a Bronzxongf Not Shiny like Ea-Nasir though. She quickly disposed of it with a Shadow Ball.

Hmmm,... Ea-Nasir seemed more durable. Maybe he was right about being more high-quality.


Sathatch had heard legends of this "Spiritomb." A frightening creature born of lost souls.

It - and its "champion" of a Trainer - were going down.

It blasted her with a Pulse of Darkness but she Swords Danced and hit it with a ground-pounded Earthquake, sending it flying.

Next was Louhi vs. a Milotic. Louhi knew this Milotic had some trick up its sleeve, and promptly used Nasty Plot. It blasted her with a Scald, and- Aha! It had a Flame Orb to activate its Marvel Scale!

She started blasting it with Thundrbolts, dodging another Scald in the process. The Champion tried to Full restore, but ha, it backfired - she had paraluyzed it!

She tried to Thunderbolt it again but the Champlion had swapped it for a Roserade. Hmph. Two could play at that game. She immediately tagg teamed with Hanuman, who-

Ow. That Shadow Ball hut, and the following Sludge Bomb huret more. But he couldn't give up here. He blasted the Roserade with a Flamethrower, burning it to a crisp.

Next was The Great And Proud Narcissus The Roserade Esquire vs. a Gastrodon. Hmph. easy fare for the final fight. He promptly Giga Drained it into submission. Same with the return of the Milotic! He supposed he had to thank Louhi for warming that one up for him.

Next was Scathatch vs. a Lucario. Wepwawet.. She was sad he couldn't be here, and thus reminded her of that. But she had a job to d-

Dragon Pulse. Of cours-

Hanuman's turn. He got sprayed with a Full Restore, but then got hit by a pair of Aura Spheeres. No... He had to perserverde... Hew leaped at the Lucario, ummeling it with a Close Combat, sending it sprawling across the floor.

Finally was Ea-Nasir vs. Garchomp. This seemed to be an exceptional-quality Garchoomp, moreso than even Scathatch. Could he or his team take it?

He dodged a Dragon Claw, then Calmed his Mind to brace himself. The Garchomp used Swords Dance, then blasted it with a Psychic when it tried to Swords Dance.

A Dragon Claw sank into him. He couldnt give up now.

He channeled all his willpower, all his focus, all his faith in his teammates and TRainer he tried to desperately hide, into one more Psychic.

The Garchomp held its head, wobbled, and fell over.

Ea-Nasir stared in shocked silence. Then cheered. He had done it.

He was the highest-quality Bronzong in all of Sinnoh.


The Great And Proud Narcissus The Roserade Esquire knew he was tough. One of the toughest even, and most dashiing, and most beautiful -

But fighting GIRATINA?! The great dark god wyrm looked down upon him with an almost amused expression. Easy, Narcissus, stick with the plan...

He sprayed a Stun Spore at Giratina's face, even as it used Pain Split to sap his endurance. He followed up with the bright flashes of Dazzling Gleams... then a Giga Drain... Even as Giratina's sheer force of will continued to sap at him.

Then his Trainer threw an Ultra Ball. It sucked Giratina in. shook three times, and clicked

...That was it?

...Something wasn't right.

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