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Shop De Qwilfish


Always look on the bright side of life!

Shop De Qwilfish ~ Sprites made for you, by me.​

Technique of the week


One request at a time.
No swearing.
No SPAMming.
No stupid requests, like Ho-oh/Wurmple.
No flaming.
If any of my sprites are used, I want signature credit. Or some other form of credit. I just want credit.

May add more later.

Easy Techniques
Normal Recolours ~ Kinda obvious.
Splices ~ Mixes between two Pokemanz.
Devamps ~ 4th or 3rd generation sprites made to look like 1st or 2nd generation sprites.
Eggs ~ Custom eggs of different Pokemon.
iPods ~ Silouttes of Pokemon on a coloured background with custom words, like iKill (Tyranitar), iSnore(Snorlax) or iEat(Gyrados).
Avatars ~ Please post directions.
Pokemon Pokeballs ~ Pokeballs made to look like Pokemon.
Emboss ~ Looks like a stamp in metal.
2D ~ Only one shade, black outline.

Emos ~ Blacks, purples and reds.
Flamin' Hot ~ Reds and oranges.
Chillin' ~ Blues and whites.
Ancient ~ Browns and beiges.
Fossils ~ Browns and blacks.
Colour Switches ~ Colours on Pokemon switched around.
Sandstormed ~ Beiges and yellows.
Deep Sea ~ Greens and blues.
Toxic ~ Purples and blacks.
Rock Solid ~ Browns and greys.
Aeroblast ~ Purples and whites.
Jungle ~ Greens and reds.
Anger Point ~ Reds and more reds!
Solar ~ Yellows and beiges.
Lunar ~ Purples, blacks and pinks.
Ultimate Destruction ~ Blacks and reds.
Tranmere ~ Blues and whites.
Sugimori Recolours ~ Recolours of Sugimori art.

Cookies ~ Brown with chocolate chips.
Chocolate ~ Completely brown, including eyes, mouth, etc.
Jelly ~ Usually completely red, but I think I may be able to have a few lime or orange jellies. *winks*
Pan-Fried ~ Recoloured to inferno colour pallette.
Custom Cooking (please specify) ~ Differs on request. Don't request anything too hard.

More Intricate Techniques
Revamps ~ Making an old sprite from the 1st or 2nd generation look like it is from the 3rd or 4th generation.
Type Changes ~ Change a Pokemon to a different type by adding features to make it look like the specified type.
Inverts ~ Recolouring a Pokemon to its inverted colour pallette. NOT just inverting it.
Trainer Splices ~ Splicing trainers with other trainers or Pokemon.
Scratches (please give a brief design) ~ Sprites completely from scratch. 70% chance I won't do.
Banners ~ Banners for clubs or groups.
Infernos ~ Coloured like fire.

My Special Techniques (No Stealing)
Concrete ~ Grey and overshaded.
Rainbow ~ All different hues.
Saturated ~ Bright. Very bright.
Glittery ~ Animated glitter effect.
Lightening ~ Lightening a sprite.
Darkening ~ Darkening a sprite.
Soft ~ Blurring a sprite.
Sharp ~ Making a sprite look like it stands out.
Buttons ~ 3D effect.
Chiselled ~ Looks like a figure chiselled in rock.
Neon ~ Bright and colourful.
Cut-out ~ Everything but the sprite, which has been "cut-out".
Shadowed ~ With a shadow behind.
Insane Swirl ~ Distorted abstract sprite.
Black Explosion ~ Charcoal effect and swirl.
Inner Curliness ~ Distorted apart from the outlines.
Chrome ~ Metalised sprites, grey, white, black with a shiny finish.
Evil Glow ~ With an evil aura.
Omega Insane Swirl ~ UBER SWIRLINESS!!11oneone!!11!eleven!!1
Enamel ~ Like a tooth.
Neon Glow ~ With a bright and colourful aura.
Dotness ~ Dotted like a co-ordinates map.
Sepia Toning ~ Brown and old, like by an old camera.
Displacement Map ~ Like part of the sprite has been hurled.
Pinch ~ Sprite is "pinched" to enlarge a section (or make a section smaller).
Posterize ~ Brighter than usual, but not as bright as saturated.
Wax Coating ~ Like it's in wax.
Pixelate ~ Self-explanatory really.
Page Curl ~ Like it's on the corner of a page.
Ripple ~ Like a wave.
Punch ~ Opposite of the pinch technique.
Wave ~ More rippled than...erm, ripple.
Warp ~ Like FaceWarp on a mobile phone.
Blown Away ~ In the wind, windswept.
Twirl ~ Stronger warp.
Polar Coordinates ~ Stronger displacement map.
Fluffy Cake ~ Like a cloud, or a cake.
Erode ~ Partially destroyed.
Enhance ~ Makes a sprite clearer.
Uber Enhance ~ Makes a sprite even clearer. May go wrong.
All Black Bang ~ Black charcoal silouette.
Horizontal Cylinder ~ In the shape of a sideways cylinder.
Vertical Cylinder ~ In the shape of a upright cylinder.
Chasm ~ Like the sprite is falling vertically.
Horizontal Chasm ~ Like the sprite is falling horizontally.
Sunlight ~ Like the sun is shining on the sprite.
Sunburst ~ Much brighter than sunlight, but same technique.
Kaleidoscope ~ Like the sprite is in a kaleidoscope.
Pattern ~ Can implant a pattern onto the sprite.
Rotating Mirror ~ Swirled and crazy.
Blinds ~ Like the sprite is a pattern on a pair of blinds.
Fine Leather ~ Like the sprite is leather.
Rough Leather ~ Rougher than usual leather.
Fur ~ Like the sprite is a pattern on fur.
Antique Mosiac ~ Lots of tiles.
Mosiac ~ Slightly less tiles.
Polished Stone ~ Shiny and coloured stone.
Sandstone ~ Brownish and seems old.
Leopard Figure ~ Figure in the pattern of a leopard.
Zebra Figure ~ Figure in the pattern of a zebra.
Tiger Figure ~ Figure in the pattern of a tiger.
Electric Figure ~ Figure in the pattern of electricity.
Bubble Figure ~ Figure in the pattern of bubbles.
Soft Plastic ~ Melting and shiny.
Straw Wall ~ Strawed sprite.
Slight Impurities ~ Half-glitch.
Tiled ~ Silouette with tiles inside.
Weave ~ Straw and colour.
Coloured Chalk ~ Blackboard style.
Coloured Pencil ~ Like it's by a three-year old on paper.
Thunderous Cloud ~ Red and black evilness.

For all requests, please specify if you want a transparent background. Try not to want a transparent background every time, preferably only if you want to use it as an avatar.

Wall of Fame

Wall of Shame
Nobody. Let's keep it that way, shall we?

Start requesting!


Back again (maybe for good this time)!
Could I have an ultimate destruction of this? (The sprite on the left) And can it be transparent?


< Made by Fujiwara Yaminichi! Isn't it awes
May I have a splice please?
Buneary/Rayquaza, with Buneary as the base, Rayquaza's colors, and a transparent background.