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(Sign-ups) Shadows

Name: Percival Carter
Location: The Unknown Dungeon
Appearance: A tall, thin man, looking good for his 60's. Very dapper, wears fine suits with walking canes. Top hat situational. Dark hair, deep eye sockets.
Personality: Percival is a dapper man, calm but with a loathing of people who stick their noses where they don't belong. If one keeps his business his, however, and strikes his fancy, he allows himself to smile and laugh. Hard to drive to anger, but if set into a rage, his physical form will start to age, hair becomin more gray. However, unlike his cousin, as "They" didn't get a complete hold on him, it is limited to gray hair.
Background: The only known living relative to William Carter, A.K.A. Maxwell the Great. After his incident, family members began having fatal accidents, ladders falling, decorations malfunctioning, foundation crumbling, etc.. Percival, seen as another compatible man to the darkness, was targeted by the only other copy of Maxwell's signature act: The Codex Umbra. This tome attempted to create another throne alongside Maxwell, but due to the massive dark energy emitted by the Shadow, was transported to the Pokemon world, in a place with high psychic and dark energy content: the Unknown Dungeon, previously home to Mewtwo.The Codex Umbra, as in Maxwell's case, converted into the form that allows him to fracture his mind into dark clones. This version, however, thanks to the darkness within tainted pokemon, allows him to control the weaker ones. As he arrived, he was confronted by a Drapion that had snuck its way onto a plane as a Skorpinch, then evolving due to its nature as an invasive species. The trainer that had caught Mewtwo had missed with many Pokeballs, and due to Percival's dark powers, the Drapion had calmed down and a discarded Dusk Ball had reactivated, allowing Percival to take the Drapion with him.
Pokemon: Aforementioned Drapion, named Charlie.
Other: Carries the Codex Umbra, a tome that drives him slightly insane but creates shadow clones to help him with menial tasks, as well as allowing control over weaker tainted Pokemon. Sanity is regained after a while, but he will have a small paranoia for a while, not trusting people completely. May find a way to join up with others (hopefully).
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Well, I mean, all it's really good for is chopping down trees and breaking rocks, maybe beating up the occasional spider's nest.
I dunno. I'm bad at reasonably weakening a character's power.