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One-Shot Something Like Fate


tender chimkin nugget
She read the stories. Had she really written them less than a year ago? It was as if they were from a different lifetime. Or a different person altogether. Had she really felt like that, once upon a time? The scars on her arms were long gone, replaced by hangul and Sharpie drawings of butterflies. And the people that were once the center of her life--they, too, had dissapeared.

The girl sighed. 1 AM was much too late to process all this. Especially after... She bit her lip, not ev'en wanting to think about it. Running a hand through her hair, she sighed. Of all the possible outcomes, this had to be the worst. Where did she even go from here?

And then there were the lies. Stupid, pointless lies, told for no other reason than to make him look good--and her look bad. She'd never understand it, this game of popularity and backstabbing. The girl was content with her notebook and Karen.

All these things, piled atop one another like bruises over bruises. It made her head spin. Love and hate and confusion and something she couldn't quite name--something like fate.

I honestly have no idea where that came from. The original title was Turn Back and it was supposed to be COMPLETELY different. I'm not sure if I really believe in "fate", it's just something that I sort of threw in there. I also realize that my one-shots are always really short... Sorry 'bout that. Also, sorry if it doesn't make much sense, I am writing this at 1AM.